Weekend Activities Around the Great Lakes

The great lakes are more than just water and rocks.  These areas are vast and stretch from Michigan businesses to Milwaukee houses for sale. So if you want to get to know this area and its amazing features a little better, these are the top weekend activities to enjoy while you’re in town.

Explore Through Hiking

Most of the Great Lakes are surrounded by lush wildlife and greenery.  An awesome way to get to know these areas outside of the water can be by hiking.  Ensure you pack sunscreen, bug spray, and water: and then explore these areas as they’ve never been seen before.

If you’re not used to hiking, it might be a good idea to take it slow and stay on trails; otherwise, feel free to have fun!  Ensure you pack an extra external battery for your phone if you get lost, but have fun with your visit.

Enjoy Kayaking

Kayaking is a sport that gains and loses popularity every couple of years.  Although it’s incredibly simple and cheap to do, many don’t think about it when they visit!  While you’re at any of the great lakes, ask around and rent a kayak so that you can cut loose and have fun!

Exploring the waters by propelling yourself forward on these small crafts can leave you feeling powerful, and doing it while with someone you love can increase your connection and allow you to bond,

Visit Wildlife in the Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale is a unique national park in Michigan home to over 20 mammals like red foxes, gray wolves, mink, beavers, and even moose.  Visiting this area gives you a chance to see these amazing creatures close and personal while staying safe.

Visitors love taking pictures of the endless river otters and rabbits, and those who drive through say they’re excited to visit again and see what they missed the first time.

See the Beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Many people immediately think of cities like Detroit when they think of Michigan, but that’s leaving out the most beautiful portion of the state.  The Upper Peninsula, also called the U.P., is a fun and exciting space to visit while you’re in the state.  Thick with lush forests and greenery that’s hydrated by the latest, and the incredible water features and sports available, make this an amazingly scenic drive to take.

Whether you want to get out in nature or not, simply taking a drive along the coast can be enough to leave people refreshed and happy after they leave.

Enjoy Swimming and Beaches

Beaches this far inland may sound like a wild idea, but they’re an awesome piece of the coastlines around the Great Lakes that drive tourism and visitors!  The beaches range from sand brought out in artificial ways to craggy, rocky coasts that can be scary to climb over.  The great lakes each have their shores, and it’s fun to take pictures in front of these iconic locations.

Most of the lakes have had a strong push towards being greener and healthier, so don’t be surprised if you see moves to cleanse the water and area.

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