Keep These While Travelling, And of course, It is a Significant Source of Joy Only If You Are Worry-Free.

In my years of traveling experience, I have gathered some tricks and hacks to help you become a more put-together traveler. Down below, I have listed 12 traveling essentials and also some non-essentials you could do without when making journeys abroad. If you are learning light setup in photography then you must take suggestion from experts.

Small first aid kit
Carry a small box filled with first aid essentials like bandages, antiseptic and headache pills, and pain relievers.

Adapters are essential to make sure wherever you are, and you can charge your phone, laptop, and tablets properly.

Smartphones with durable batteries
Last but not least, when traveling, you don’t need a fancy smartphone but rather one with a long-lasting battery so that you can use the basic functionalities of a smartphone like the GPS or googling or calling emergency numbers. Carry a separate camera for pictures if photography is a priority.

Earplugs for a good sleep
Instead of investing in neck pillows for better sleep, a better option would be purchasing earplugs. They help with noise cancellation and induce better sleep in buses or trains. A power nap is a way to go after a long exhausting journey. As for a pillow, use your sweater as a pillow.

We believe in liquid antiseptic supremacy.
Using antiseptic wet wipes is problematic for the environment as it takes time to break down and even be hard to dispose of as dustbins may not be available in all countries.

Tissue vs. towels
Using tissue is better as it can be disposed of and is easily degradable. And using tissue is more hygienic as towels can easily be exposed to bacteria and take time to try if wet.

Coins are better souvenirs.
Once when I was traveling, I met a girl with whom I struck up a conversation. I ended up giving her a ‘lucky coin’ as she was thrilled. That’s the day I realized coins from distant lands are great gifts and hold history in them.

Cereals are made of whole grain and keep you filled for a longer time. Getting hungry on the road is not ideal. Having oats can also work just as well as high in nutrients and calories and easy to cook.

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Toothpaste trouble?
Use straws as small containers to hold cream or toothpaste and bend both ends to seal. And, this is a great life hack to carry small liquidy essentials for skincare or dental care.

Protect your eyes!
A UV 400 or S4 security level sunglasses are essential even in winter as the UV rays from the un can be very damaging. The glare from the sun can also affect your eyes when driving or walking on snow as they tend to reflect sunlight.
All you need is one pair of jeans.

Have important documents on you
Send digital copies of important documents like passports and insurance papers. Also, keep two credit cards with you in case one doesn’t work.

Going old school with locks
For experienced travelers, the idea of a lock is nothing new. Use a lock to keep your backpack safe, or even the hostel you are living in can be locked for extra protection, as some places might not give your additional lockers.

Travel safe and travel smart. What items would you carry with you while traveling? Share away.

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