What is Fun88 Dragon Tiger? Instructions on how to bet the easiest way to win

Among the current online entertainment services, Dragon Tiger is a game that many children love. This game has a simple way to join, fast paced and gives members moments of extreme entertainment. So how to bet on dragon tiger Fun88? Follow the latest shares below from Nhà cái FUN88 to find the answer!

1.What is Fun88 Dragon Tiger Game?

Dragon Tiger Fun88 is a popular card game today

Game Dragon Tiger Fun88, also known in English as Dragon Tiger. This is one of the top card games in the Asian market today. This game is loved by many members because of the extremely simple rules of participation.

Besides, Dragon Tiger online also has its own charm and appeal because of its extremely high payout. Thanks to that, you can easily double your bet and make a huge amount of money after just a few bets.

Accordingly, the Dragon Tiger at the Fun88 dealer uses a standard deck of 52 cards. The main purpose in this game is to choose the right side with the largest Dragon (Dragon) or Tiger (Tiger) to win. When playing, you are allowed to draw more cards.

2. Bets in Dragon Tiger online at the house Fun88

Before starting to experience Dragon Tiger Fun88, you need to understand clearly about the betting forms in this game. This is an entertainment service that finds a winner based on each side’s score. This score is calculated based on the number on that card without paying too much attention to the suit.

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2.1Bet on a draw

Tie bet in Dragon Tiger online is a form in which players will receive a win rate of 1 to 8. This is a relatively difficult bet that often new players can apply.

2.2 Small bets and big bets

In Dragon Tiger Fun88, members can choose to bet big or small by choosing a specific card. This card can be a Dragon or a Tiger, if it is greater than 7 it will be major and less than 7 will be minor. If the drawn card is 7, the player will count as a losing bet in that game.

2.3 Real bets

For this type of bet in Dragon Tiger online, the player chooses the suit of the card drawn. The winnings will be divided according to the ratio of 1 to 3 if the suit is correct. This bet type also includes a Dragon or Tiger card.

3.Revealing the most interesting Fun88 Dragon Tiger experience 2023

Fum88 Dragon Tiger is an entertainment service with a very simple way of playing that any new member can participate in the experience every day. To win the fastest, you can apply the following great tips.

3.1Play Dragon Tiger Fun88 with folding bet technique

For those who have ever participated in playing Dragon Tiger online betting, will understand this strategy. When playing, the member will bet the amount of the next game higher than the previous game. This way of betting on one door until you win. When applying this betting strategy, most of you will draw but can not lose. However, to maintain for a long time requires a stable capital.

3.2 Always observe the dealing of the Dealers

Observing the Dealers dealing cards is also one of the tactics you need to apply when betting on Dragon Tiger online. Through this observation, you record and statistics the results that appear. Next, choose the best bet in the next game.

3.3 Choose the appropriate Dragon Tiger betting door

In Dragon Tiger Fun88, it can be seen that the tie door is an extremely difficult door to play. And according to statistics experts, this door often appears very rarely. It only appears about 12.5% in the hand. Therefore, this door offers a lower chance than the others. If you are a new member, you should not put all your capital into this bet.

3.4 Betting on the tail in the game Dragon Tiger online

When playing dragon tiger at Fun88, you will see many good players often apply this playing strategy. The specificity of this method is to bet in the order of continuous repetition, which is the Dragon first and the Tiger later.

One of the experiences that can help you achieve the highest chances of winning. The member’s task is to try to remember the results of the previous bet. This way of playing also helps you avoid being “out of pocket” too early in the first few games.


In fact, how to play and join Dragon Tiger is quite easy. Therefore, in a short time this game has been very popular in many Asian countries. When playing, there are many situations that come up and you need a little luck to always win. However, play carefully, apply the best strategies and always maintain the most stable mentality.

Hopefully, the recent sharing will help you participate in playing Dragon Tiger Fun88 easier. Wish you have more big winning bets and earn huge bonuses every day.

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