Breaking Down Break Point: A Deep Dive into the Netflix Series

Break Point provides a behind-the-scenes look at professional tennis. It focuses on the players and tournaments from the ATP and WTA tours. The interviews in this Netflix series reveal more about what is in the minds of players than any post-match interview ever could. We see them off the court, eating meals with family, talking strategy with coaches, and dealing with defeats and victories. The commentaries from tennis greats like Chris Evert and Andy Roddick add to the appeal.

The Maverick

In the first episode, we relive the outburst of Nick Kyrgios, the ‘bad boy’ of tennis, in his match against Daniil Medvedev in the Australian Open. Kyrgios appears more relaxed off the court and enjoys spending time with a close circle of family and friends. His Wimbledon defeat of Rafael Nadal in 2014 put the 19-year-old in the spotlight.

Americans love to watch all the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, such as the Australian Open, Wimbledon, the French Open, and the U.S. Open. They can bet now on many different sports, including tennis, at legal sportsbooks in several states.

Just like us

The series features a range of tennis stars, such as Serena Williams, Frances Tiafoe, Alja Tomljanovic, and Matteo Berrettini. We get insights into their personal experiences and the competitive world of tennis. They may appear to have a glamorous life but need plenty of tenacity and hard work to make it. They are not so different from anyone else except that they excel at tennis.

In the series, we see Taylor Fritz as a player with great strength and a strong will. His coaches say these qualities can work in his favor and against him. He suffers an ankle injury in practice before a final in his first ATP Tour Masters 1000 title. His father believes he should pull out, but he decides to continue and plays a great match.

And yet not like us….

The big rivals in tennis are portrayed as superheroes. Kyrgios talks about Rafael Nadal as a God. New generations keep pushing to reach the top, and they face not only physical but mental hurdles. The difference between who loses or wins is often about what’s going on in a player’s mind. High-profile tennis players have to negotiate many challenges. For example, they need optimum web security because they can be targets for cyber theft.

Talent alone is not enough

Tomljanovic explains in an episode that she has dreamt of winning a Grand Slam since the age of seven. She has pursued her goal and showed talent. Chris Evert, who has known her for years, says that it’s not enough to be a talented player. You have to be a little mean. Mental resolve and pushing boundaries are important to reach the top.

The best Netflix shows make an emotional connection with viewers, and this series does that. At the WTA Madrid 1000, Paula Badosa admits that tennis is like a drug. The adrenaline a win gives you makes you want to chase it all the time. After she won the 2017 junior title at Roland Garros, she suffered from depression and needed professional help. She may have struggled as a young player on the WTA Tour, but her ranking slowly rose, and at 23, she ranked number eight.

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