New88 – Detailed Instructions on How to Bet on Soccer for New Players

New88 Not only is it famous for its good service quality, but its payout ratio is also extremely high. Participating in soccer betting here, players will easily find and participate in hundreds of different tournaments in Vietnam as well as internationally. So, through the article below, let’s find out how to participate in soccer betting at this house!

A few words about soccer betting New88

Soccer betting is one of the extremely hot forms of entertainment for bookmakers. With a variety of unique bet forms and super high reward rates, every year the playground attracts millions of bettors to participate in betting. Above all, every month the betting site also updates many promotional programs with great value that make members restless.

In addition, bookies New88 Also regularly updated with many analytical articles and betting reviews in different tournaments. Thereby, helping members easily predict and choose the most accurate results. Thanks to that, bettors will easily earn super huge bonuses in their accounts and successfully change their lives.

Why should you participate in soccer betting at New88?

Since appearing on the green market in Asia, the playground has received millions of positive reviews about its quality level. To better understand the reputation of the betting site, we invite you to continue following the content. content below:

Diverse types of bets

As shared above, participating in betting here players will easily choose any form of bet they want. Among them, bettors can quickly score points such as: European odds, penalty cards, corner kicks, Asian odds, over/under,…

The transaction speed on the system is extremely fast

Currently, the house system New88 The website has been optimized and upgraded many times. Therefore, every time you make a money transfer transaction at the player’s site, it only takes 1 to 5 minutes to complete all deposit and withdrawal processes.

High level of system security

When participating in soccer betting at the house, players can safely make money 24/7 without fear of having their personal information hacked. Because, the whole system of New88 All have been installed by a team of highly skilled experts with many of the most modern encryption layers available today. Therefore, as long as signs of intrusion appear on the page, the system will increase encryption to block hacker transmissions.

Continuous great promotions

Participate in soccer betting at New88, players will have the opportunity to receive hundreds of unexpected incentives to their accounts. Among the most special promotions of the playground, we cannot ignore the following gifts:

  • When depositing money for the first time at betting halls, players will immediately receive 100% of the card value with a bonus of up to 28 million VND.
  • Get 50% of card value immediately when gamers successfully deposit money into their account for the 2nd time with an amount of up to 16 million VND.
  • Receive a refund offer with a value of up to 3% when members participate in soccer betting.

Instructions for participating in soccer betting at New88

Surely there are many players looking for ways to participate in soccer betting at the house. Therefore, we have quickly updated the detailed instructions through the following content for your reference:

Step 1: Search for a link to the standard page

First, to be able to participate in soccer betting at the bookmaker, players need to find the correct link leading to a safe page, the official link that is not blocked, we will update here: Because nowadays there are many fake addresses aimed at defrauding bettors. Therefore, you need to research carefully before accessing.

Step 2: Register an account to participate in betting

After successfully accessing the page, players should click on the registration button at the interface  New88. Next, you enter all the information below:

  • User name.
  • Password.
  • Confirm password content.
  • First and last name.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Date of birth.
  • Verification code.

After entering the information, click the register button and wait for the system to confirm success.

Step 3: Participate in soccer betting

If you have created an account New88 If successful, members need to log in and deposit money into their betting account on the system. Next, bettors should visit the sports section to select soccer. Finally, you should choose the tournament you want to participate in and place bets on the oddsshow displayed on the screen.

New88 is one of the quality and extremely reliable online playgrounds. If you are looking for an address to participate in soccer betting every day, you should not miss this house. So, gamers should quickly register to receive thousands of incentives with super attractive bonus values.

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