How To Attract Employees With Disabilities To Your Australian Business Enterprise

As an employer here in Australia, you want the best people working for you and it doesn’t matter what background they come from or what circumstances that they find themselves in. You need to start changing your hiring practices so that you are a more inclusive employer and especially so when it comes to people with disabilities. You might not be aware of this but about 20% of Australia’s population has some kind of disability that they have to contend with every single day. This is why you as an Australian employer need to start looking at your business premises and figuring out if there are any ways that you can improve upon accessibility.

If you don’t know where to start then you can always turn to your disability employment agency to help point you in the right direction as an employer so that you can get the best people for the job. Not only will you be getting talented people but you will be creating a fantastic business image for yourself and customers will reward you for this. Your brand is everything in this business and the majority of customers have said that they would rather do business with an Australian company that hires individuals with disabilities.

With that in mind, the following are just some ways that will allow you to attract excellent employees with disabilities for your Australian business enterprise.

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  1. Post jobs on other platforms – There are the usual places to go to when you want to post jobs but maybe you need to start thinking about their websites that are specifically for people with disabilities. When designing the job specification, look at the improper use of certain words that might be there that may be discriminatory towards people with disabilities and change them.
  2. Enquire about accommodation requirements – When you post the job, it would be a good idea to let future potential employees know that you want to make the job more accessible to them and that you want to include them in your workforce. Encourage applicants to tell you about certain things that they would like to have included in the workplace if they were to come to work for you.
  3. Make the interview process more inclusive – Currently, your interview process is set up for able-bodied people and so this is something that you need to change. You might want to encourage people to do remote work for you because people with disabilities find this incredibly helpful. Think about the option of offering virtual interviews for those that might find it difficult to come to your place of work and this will help to increase the number of candidates with great talent who want to come to work for your organisation.

You need to start prioritising the number of people with disabilities in your company because if people with disabilities see others working there then they might also want to join. You need to seriously commit yourself to accessibility and inclusion for all the Australian workers out there.

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