Difference Between Lord and Laird – How to Become a Lord?

The world of Scottish aristocracy is very interesting. If you have looked more into the field, you may have seen that two titles are often used interchangeably: Lord and Laird. But, the pertinent question: are these titles really the same? In this article, we’ll compare Lord and Laird and learn how to become a Lord. Let’s start now!

Who is a Laird?

To put it simply, a Laird is a powerful and socially affluent Scottish landowner. The term ‘Laird’ is extracted from the Scottish Gaelic word ‘Larach’ meaning ‘site’ or ‘location’ Traditionally, Lairds had to manage and maintain their land while providing for their tenants and communities.

Who is a Lord?

The title ‘Lord’ has a more expansive definition than ‘laird,’ as it usually refers to any male member of the nobility or aristocracy. Under usual circumstances, a Lord is someone who has a high social stature and significant power and influence.

Top Differences Between Lord and Laird

Despite being used interchangeably, both Lord and Laird are terms with distinct differences. What are they? Let us find out!

1.   Contemporary Connotations

These days, being called a Laird is often a courtesy title and is connected to having a modest Scottish landholding. It is not linked to any legal or official affiliation and status, and is more of a cultural signifier. However, some Lairds may still possess a lot of wealth and exert a lot of influence in their respective communities.

The House of Lords, the British Parliament’s upper house, currently uses the name Lord. Monarch-appointed House of Lords members have great political influence. Moreover, when we move out the political nitty-gritty, the title of the Lord is also a courtesy title for members of the aristocracy and nobility.

2.   Rights and Privileges

A Laird is a Scottish term for landowner. It has been used in Scotland for centuries and is even used today. However, Laird is not a noble title and does not come with any special rights and privileges.

On the other hand, Lord is a nobility title that is used for someone who has a certain rank in the British peerage system. The title is typically reserved for those who have been granted peerage by the monarch. There are various types of Lords, such as Duke, Earl, Baron and Viscount, and each comes with special rights and privileges.

3.   Usage Context

The use of the terms Laird and Lord is based on context. If you are referring to a landowner of Scotland then Laird is the appropriate word. On the other hand, if you are referring to someone of the British peerage system, Lord would be the ideal term.

How to Become a Lord in Scotland?

The titles of Lord or Lady in Scotland were once meant only for the blue-blooded. However, times have changed and they are available to the public. You can get your own Lord or Lady title packs from now!

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