How to Identify Discrimination in the Workplace

We must stay educated on what is considered inappropriate behavior in the workplace. This can help prevent more in the future. What tends to happen is that employees may not properly understand what is being said or done to them is harassment. 

There are some red flags to help you navigate discrimination at work if you have concerns. The most important thing is that your workplace should not be uncomfortable for you or any of your fellow workers.

Inappropriate Humor

There is a time and place to be funny, and while we all want to have a good time at work, it’s never okay to have fun at someone else’s expense. If you joke with your friends outside of work at your own expense, it’s a result of friendships that form, so mockery may be part of that.

Even if you work with your friends, the workplace is not where you make jokes. With that all being said, some individuals take these situations even further. There is generally zero tolerance for this kind of behavior in the workforce.

If you witness or if you are personally experiencing harassment in the form of jokes about race, ethnicity, religion, or sex, you need to report this immediately. Many people are afraid to speak up when it comes to this kind of behavior. Do not be afraid to tell them to stop and go to a supervisor or Human Resources.

Questionable Roles

Another discernable characteristic of discriminatory employers is by reviewing the roles in the business. If you see that most of the administrative positions are women but other corporate positions are held by all men.

We see a lot of women put into positions that stunt their ability to move up in the company or have much say on operational procedures. There is also employing those who are foreign and do not understand the language and putting them in positions that pay very little and do not advance.

It is important to recognize these behaviors that continue to result in unequal and discriminatory deterioration of future employment. The future of employment needs to be inclusive, diverse, ever-changing, and honest.

Discrimination in Discipline

Upper management should have a standard for how they treat employees across the board. Certain employees should not have to face a different form of a reprimand than another based on position. 

That being said, there may be a difference in the punishment based on the severity of the occurrence. However, if you see that someone is being treated unfairly due to poor performance, then you may want to take note.

In many discrimination cases, you see excessive strikes, points, whatever they may issue as a warning. Management may terminate employment without warning. Does that beg the question as to why they would do that without approaching their employee?

This is why employers are not allowed to play favoritism within a company because essentially that person could hire and fire whoever they want based on what they like. That’s not really how companies want their facilities to operate. Get learn more information liangzhongmiye Read more about Mywikinews

If a business sees that certain areas of their company are discriminating, they may take immediate action within the company. This kind of behavior reflects poorly on the business and when that happens, the business could lose money. 

No business wants to lose money and no employee wants to face discrimination. If you see something wrong, say something. If you can’t go to your company, consult a lawyer.

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