How do I Become a SolidWorks Designer?

If you ask me which is the mostly used CAD program, then my answer will be Solidworks. Almost all the industries and design sectors are using this program for a long time for its great features and abilities. Now, Solidworks is actually a parametric modelling program and 2D and 3D both are added on this program as well. It has wide range of use, but designers mostly use this program for engineering and drafting. The reason is simple, and that would be the competition in the engineering, architecture, and design. So, if you want to get a good job in car designing, then you must have a good knowledge of Solidworks. And, SolidWorks Online skills can help you with that.

Here, you will find a guide that we have created for you people who need info and knowledge about Solidworks. In this guide, you will find what types of jobs are available and all the things that matter for your career.

Jobs with SolidWorks

Dassault Systèmes, a big name in CAD, made SolidWorkss. It is also one of the well-known CAD programs on the market. As CAD has changed, so have the requirements for jobs that use it. It’s common for jobs to ask for experience with a particular piece of software. This is mainly because all employees at the same company use the same software. So, if you know how to use SolidWorks well, you can go to many places.

Have you already looked at job sites? You may have noticed that some jobs, such as “SolidWorks drafting specialist,” mention CAD software. You might also find out about the software in the job description. We’re going to look at some general job fields that need SolidWorks skills:

  • Drafting
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Design

Mechanical Drafter

If the name didn’t give it away, mechanical drafters make and prepare drawings for machines, tools, and other mechanical devices. Mechanical drafters play a significant role in making everything from medical instruments to agencies for heavy industry.

The accuracy of these technical drawings is essential because the drafters have to show dimensions, assembly methods, and the mechanical installation infrastructure. Mechanical drafters often work with engineers, builders, and architects. Mechanical drafters have to check design calculations piso wifi pause.

Simulation sequences in SolidWorks can help with this because they can be used to test stress and tolerance. This means that drafters can quickly figure out how a product works and make any necessary changes.

Electrical Drafter

Electrical drafters make technical drawings, wiring diagrams, and specifications for how things connect. These are used to help people understand how complicated equipment and machinery work.

So, electrical workers will use these drawings when they are putting in or fixing equipment. In the end, electrical drafters will work toward making master drawings to scale and show engineers where these installations will go in already-built buildings.

Accuracy is crucial. Drafters who work with electricity have to keep track of exact sizes and specifications. For example, they would have to think about things that could affect the installation, like how far the wires would have to go. SolidWorks has a lot of simulation features, which is excellent.


SolidWorks fans will be pleased, then! With so many SolidWorks careers out there, the options are limitless. A plan is a key to career success. So, map out where you want to be and note what you need to get there. Whether getting an associate’s degree or gaining experience, it’s all important. If you are searching for an option other than SolidWorks, check out ​​Best AutoCAD Courses.

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