5 Ways to Make your School more Eco-friendly

If there’s one thing that should be on your 2024 agenda, it’s playing your part to save the environment. With pollution levels rising, deforestation growing daily, and the ozone layer being damaged, taking steps to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle is imperative – and schools are one of the most important places where these habits should be practiced. 

Here’s how you can make your school more eco friendly:

  • Practice Social Media Awareness

One of the best ways to encourage eco-friendly behavior at school is to speak about it via your social media channels. The platforms you use will depend on the school’s active social media channels, but if you’re just starting out, then Instagram is a good place to talk about your school’s green agenda. 

For your social media content needs, you can always turn to PosterMyWall’s range of environment templates. Simply select a template, customize it to your heart’s desire, and put it up on your Instagram page. Topics that you can cover in your Instagram posts include recycling tips, leads for places where you can donate old clothes and personal belongings instead of simply throwing them out, and even information about eco-friendly events and pop-ups. 

  • Say No to Single Use Items

One of the easiest ways to switch to a more eco friendly school environment is by getting rid of single use items. This includes things such as disposable utensils in the dining hall, plastic bags to carry things, loose sheets of paper, and juice boxes with straws. Alternatively, you can switch to metal cutlery, reusable cloth bags, small whiteboards or blackboards for students to write on, and glasses with metal straws. 

Not only is it important for the school to make this change on an administrative level, but it’s also important to educate the students on this so that they continue this practice in their lives outside of school. Prepare engaging presentations, arrange learning activities, and have teachers speak about the importance of doing away with single use items. 

  • Organize a Tree Plantation Event

Nature is the essence of our life, and one of the most important things in nature is the tree. Unfortunately, recent years have seen growing deforestation rates, which is having a direct negative impact on both the ecosystem and our environment as a whole. To play your school’s part in combating this, you can arrange a tree plantation drive for your students and faculty. 

Have each student plant a tree each, and if your school property does not have the space, then you can partner up with other environmental NGOs or organizations who can assist you with arranging the plantation drive. Better yet, you can even strike up a deal with the organization or some other business stakeholder – for every tree planted by a student, a set number of trees will be planted by the other organization or business. Not only will this magnify the impact of your tree plantation drive, but the message will also be spread further. 

  • Start a Recycling Program

Using single use items is one problem, and simply throwing away things you no longer need is another. In reality, few people follow the three Rs – reduce, reuse, and recycle – and inculcating these into your students’ lives is imperative in achieving an eco-friendly school environment. Set up donation boxes where students and faculty can drop off items they no longer need – make sure to mention clear instructions that items should be properly cleaned and then donated – and then partner with a charity to distribute these items to those who need them. 

Also, make sure to educate your students on reducing and reusing – this applies to everything from re-wearing an outfit for an event to using the same stationery to embracing hand-me-downs from siblings. 

  • Offer Volunteer Opportunities

A great way to make your school more eco friendly is to get the students involved – and the best way to do that is by offering volunteer opportunities. Once the students are in the middle of the action, they’ll be better able to understand why taking care of the environment and leading an eco-friendly lifestyle is important.

Volunteer opportunities can range from community clean-up drives to picking up litter around the city to educating others on the importance of recycling and properly disposing of waste. 

So, if you’re looking to make your school more eco friendly, then these simple and easy tips are your go to. Just make sure to make adjustments according to your school and students, and you’ll be good to go. 


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