Fortnite Mobile Tips: 9 Tips to Help You Master the Game

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world, and with it on mobile, more players can get into the game. Playing Fortnite on a smartphone requires a few new skills, such as mastering touch controls and adapting to a smaller screen. In this article, we’ll provide you with 9 tips to help you climb the ranks to victory in Fortnite mobile. If you buy V bucks you can start on mobile with many of the top items.

  1. Learn and practice the controls

Fortnite on iOS and Android plays roughly the same as it does on other platforms, but the major difference comes with the way players control the game. Fortnite mobile relies on the use of an on screen controller for the device’s touchscreen to play. Spend some time getting used to the placement of all the controls usually by playing in casual matches or increasing your practice time. It can be tough to adapt. By the way, if you are looking for cheap V bucks. Shop today for Vbucks and top accounts with cosmetics for mobile play.

  1. Tweak your touch-control sensitivity

Fortnite’s touch controls really don’t offer the precision you get from console and PC controls, specifically with moving the camera. Play around with your sensitivity to find the option that is best for you. It may take you some hours of playing before you start to feel comfortable with one active camera mode.

  1. Use headphones

If possible, always use headphones when playing Fortnite on mobile. The better the quality of your ear equipment, the better you will be able to get a drop on other players.

  1. New visual cues and how to use them

Fortnite adds visual cues to your HUD and map to show you the directions sounds are coming from, and it tells you roughly how far they are. Pay attention to these cues and learn how to interpret them quickly.

  1. When you’re crossing a lot of ground, use auto-run

Choosing auto-run is a great way to avoid pressing one of the buttons on your screen and frees up a thumb for management and faster reaction. Doing short and quick sprints and then checking around you is the best way to traverse the map and make sure nobody is hunting you.

  1. Learn to build quickly

Building is crucial to being a good Fortnite player and you need to fully master it to be a high-level player in Fortnite, regardless of what system you’re playing on. Spend some time practicing building so you can build quickly in high-pressure situations.

  1. Keep your fights at close range

On a tiny mobile screen and using touch controls, sniping is next to impossible, the strategy on mobile changes and it’s often better to wait for the enemy to come in close. Shotguns and assault rifles are the favored weapons on mobile because players can capitalize on this gameplay strategy and make sure that they can eliminate players up close in 1 on 1 fights. Don’t try to do long-range on small screens and with mobile controls that are less precise.

  1. Use the aim down sights control when fighting

Hip firing is not accurate on a mobile device; you have to aim down the sights to focus your fire. Your best bet when fighting other people on a mobile is to wait till they come in close, focus fire with an automatic, semi automatic or strong weapon like a shotgun and this can help you bring down enemies with greater precision.

  1. Turn on Tap to Search/Interact

Turn on “Tap to Search/Interact” under Settings. This will allow you to store objects intentionally, giving you more control over your inventory.

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