Bingo Clash Thanksgiving – Earn Cash – NEW UPDATES!

Are you looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday? There are many reasons why you should be impatient, but let’s tell you the latest updates about the hottest event of November. Bingo Clash starts celebrating Thanksgiving on November 15, and it is a perfect opportunity to participate in free cash tournaments.

Bingo Clash Thanksgiving – When does the event take place, and what does it consist of?

The event starts 10 days before Thanksgiving, so you will have a lot of surprises before celebrating with your family, and maybe on November 25, you will already have higher profits than you could have imagined.

This incredible event where you can play games for cash is divided into 3 main parts. And in order not to leave any information unexplained, here is some information about each of them:

Play online and win cash-Part ONE

The period from November 15 to November 21 is also composed of 3 parts. This is the Dice Tour, a game where all players will be able to win prizes of a $500 cash bonus for each map they play. To be able to move on the map, you have to roll the dice.

The second game is Double Rewards for Daily Login during the event time. This is a series of prizes and rewards during the 7 days of the competition. Every day you will receive a prize if you log in with your account details.

Another important aspect is that during this period, cash tournaments will be open for all the games.

Real Money Bingo-Part TWO

The second promotional period of the event takes place from November 22 to November 28. More than all the activities that take place in the first week, this time, we will be able to enjoy the release of exclusive 7-day cards and a rebate of over 100%.

Exclusive Samsung Platform Event

The Thanksgiving event, organized by Pocket7Games and Bingo Clash, will end with an offer specially designed for users who use Samsung. They will have a Thanksgiving task that will appear daily in the player’s account. If you complete the task, you will receive a prize.

Moreover, during this exclusive event, you will be able to participate in skill-based legit games to win a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G. More $500 cash bonus prizes await you even in mini-games, so come in and play!


These are the latest updates about the incredible event that will take place from November 15 to November 28, 2021. To participate, you will be able to use both the iOS platform and the Samsung Galaxy Store. Enter Pocket7Games or Bingo Clash to play real-money bingo and win your prizes!

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