A detailed guide on traditional Kerala jewellery

It is not unusual or unheard of for Indians to be passionate about gold. Yet Indian jewellery is unique and in high demand for reasons other than merely a love of gold. Many people have been inspired by Kerala traditional jewellery. When we talk of a typical Kerala bride, the traditional layering of bridal jewellery from Kerala comes to mind. If you’re looking for some ideas for Kerala bridal jewellery sets for yourself, here’s a quick reference to traditional Kerala jewellery names.

Traditional Kerala Jewellery for Wedding

If you’re getting married but are unfamiliar with the names of conventional Kerala jewellery or are unsure of what belongs on the list of essential Kerala traditional wedding ornaments, we’ve got you covered. The next time someone asks, you can show off and wow them with your expertise by being well-versed in the many traditional Kerala jewellery names and their significance. So feel free to give this article read.

To achieve the genuine Kerala bride look, you must own the following traditional jewellery types and collections. Each traditional Kerala jewellery piece has a special significance that reflects the historic and cultural beliefs of the region. You can check out the gold rate in Kerala before you purchase a jewel variety.

Kerala Bridal Jewellery Sets

In Kerala, brides wear layers of jewellery starting with a choker necklace and moving on to a gaja mala before adding a chain or waist belt, a maang tikka, bangles, and earrings to finish the ensemble. Given your newfound understanding of the jewels’ proper placement, let’s examine the many names of traditional Kerala jewellery and their significance.

Names of Traditional Kerala Jewellery

Kasu Mala or Lakshmi Mala

One of the most important and necessary Kerala Hindu bridal jewellery sets is the Lakshmi mala, also commonly known as the kasu (coins) mala. A line of coins, each bearing the image of the goddess Lakshmi, are strung together to form a necklace. Lakshmi is considered by followers of Hinduism to be a sign and foreteller of prosperity and wealth.

Manga Mala

One of the well-known traditional Kerala jewellery pieces is the Manga Mala. The necklace takes its design cues from the pattern of a mango and a fondness for mangoes, as suggested by its name. This item is one of the most adored traditional jewellery of Kerala, made up of intricate golden pendants in the pattern of paisley that are strung together to construct a necklace.

Mulla Mottu Mala

The word “Mulla Mottu” in Malayalam means jasmine buds. This piece of jewellery demonstrates the common love of jasmine flowers, which is reflected in the customary ornaments of Kerala that express the love and religious views of the region. Many tiny gold petals make up this necklace, which is available in both plain gold and gold studded with gemstones. If you have a strong preference for Kerala jewellery and designs, you should probably opt for a Mottu Mala Mulla.


Jimkis, also known as jhumkas in North India, are loved by people everywhere. A traditional jimki, which is available in a variety of sizes and styles, is always a safe bet. Popular movie songs like “Jimiki Kammal” and other mediums help to show the adoration and popularity of these bell-shaped earrings in the state. A Jimki just completes your appearance and gives you a sense of completion for your bridal outfit.


Bangles are a crucial component of bridal jewellery. A typical sight in Kerala is a bride who is bangle-clad from wrist to elbow. Kerala is renowned for its many different bangle styles. A Kerala bride would wear a variety of bangles, including the Palakka vala, Palakka manga vala, Navratna vala, Ottavala, Thadavala, and many more, at her wedding. You can also check the 10 gram gold chain designs with price before you decide on a particular gold chain.


In Kerala, girls and ladies wear anklets called “Kolusu” to weddings, religious ceremonies, and festive events. Kolusu is often made of silver, however it is also available in gold.

Of course, the Pulinakham Mala, Nagapada Thali, Palakka Mala, and Pathakam from reputed retailers like Melorra are some well-known traditional Kerala jewellery designs that are a must-have for a wedding. However, this in no way restricts the variety of Kerala traditional jewellery that you can wear as a bride. You can choose any jewellery item that suits your attire and personality.

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