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Tiger Zinda Hai Review Ratings, Public Talk: Salman Khan comes back with the Tiger Zinda hai and for sure he is hitting right chords with sense of patriotism and popular concept of taking on Terrorist outfits. Tiger Zinda hai starts from where Ek Tha Tiger left. He is a Runaway Raw agent who is living quiet life in Austria and has been out of the action for good 8 years. RAW is now forced to bring him back as situation is Iraq has gone out of control and nurses (Indian and Pakistani) have got trapped in the hospital. As the situation demands Salman khan aka Tiger is invited to rescue the nurses from terrorist outfits. The story is a predictable and no twists can be expected too, as we all know this incident.

Tiger zinda hai review ratings and Public talk

Tiger Zinda Hai Review- Story & Plot

Despite the predictability of the story, it’s an engaging movie. Thanks to the adroit direction of Abbas Ali zafar who knows how to interwind romance and plot, So, that audience start cheering romance when they feel it’s too much action.

Like every movie, the reputation of Salman Khan is exploited to every possible extent to cover up the flaws of the movie. His mega image is good enough to make his fans braindead. There is no point of talking logic in Salman Khan movies because its missing and it doesn’t affect Salman Khan fans.

Tiger Zinda hai Review- Performance

Tiger Zinda hai no doubt can boast of its technical perfection, Great cinematography and action sequences of high magnitude. Music and background score have enhanced every scene of the movie be it, action sequence, romance scene or explosion sound. This kind of background score adds charm to the Salman khan movie and if good enough to make audience logic deaf.

Tiger Zinda hai Made on the budget of Rs 150 crores is expected to earn at least Rs 250 crores, on the basis of the entertainment value it offers.

Katrina Kaif is better than her before in this film. You can still note language and expression barrier, but she has very few dialogues to get that noticed by audience. Angad Bedi is playing the role of Bomb diffuser. He is a good fit for this role given his good physique and body makeup. He does justice to his role. Sajjad Delafarooz is also good in his role who is playing antagonist in this movie.

Positives about the movie

  • Mass Entertainer.
  • Excellent watch for Salman khan fans, average watch for others.
  • Good Cinematography, Excellent action sequences and a technical wizard.

Negatives about the movie

  • Script is predictable.
  • Heroism continues in Bollywood.
  • Few loopholes and logic misses.

Tiger Zinda hai Ratings:

3 Star out of 5 Ratings

Final Verdict:

Lot better than EK Tha Tiger, if you were good enough to absorb Ek tha Tiger then you will surely enjoy this. Even if you are not a Salman Khan fan still its not a bad watch. For Salman Khan fans its whistles, roars, screams, joy and festival.

Star Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sajjad Delafrooz, Angad Bedi, Kumud Mishra, Girish Karnad, Paresh Rawal, Vibhoutee Sharma

Producer: Ali Abbas Zafar

Screenplay: Ali Abbas Zafar, Neelesh Mishra

Duration: 2h 45m

Advise: No matter how many questions your mind ask you while watching this movie, but answer is same “It’s a Salman Khan movie”. So, don’t scratch your brain.

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