8 Worst Ways to Treat Depression That You Never Consider

If you are depressed, then you can use various ways to treat yourself and get rid of depression. But, you must know that there are some ways that are totally bad to treat depression. I am going to mention those ways here. Without using those ways, you can follow an MAO prescription or consult with a well-known doctor.

Some Worst Ways to Deal with Depression

These are some of the worst ways to treat depression that you should never use:


If you are in depression, the last thing that you need to do is consume alcohol. That is because alcohol will make the situation worse for you. Now, many people can say alcohol is good for you, but in small quantity. But, if you consume too much alcohol, then you are at higher risk of developing depression. Or, if you are already depressed, then it will make the depression worst.

Drug Abuse

If you are taking drugs, then you must stop them. That is because drugs are bad for you in every point. It never did anything good for anyone. Besides, if you are dealing with depression, it will make you suffer even more. That is because drugs will mentally harm you and your emotions along with brain chemicals as well.


If you are using painkillers as your doctor prescribed, then you are not in bad condition. That is because you can use them, but if you are using them for a long time and not just to get relief from your body’s pains but also from emotional pains, then you are at great risk of developing depression that will make you suffer.

Junk and Comfort Foods

Dealing with depression with junk and comfort foods are not really going to work at all. That is because junk foods, along with comfort food, don’t have anything good to offer for the body and mind. Instead, it will make you more depressed and sick. That is because comfort food comes with lots of sugar and artificial things that won’t help you to fight depression.


Many people most women find pleasure doing shopping. Now, during their depression, they just go shopping to temporarily relieve themselves. But, you guys must admit that it is the worst way to treat depression. That is because it is not a long-run solution, and after some time, your depression will appear again.


Now, according to much research, there’s a link between risky sex and depression. By stating risky sex I mean, sex unprotected sex or sex with a new partner. It can bring temporary happiness, but it will make you suffer physically and emotionally like shopping. It can lead you to depression that will make your situation worst.


Depression can bring changes in sleeping habit. For example, you might not feel sleepy at night at all. That is because people with depression don’t feel exhaustion. However, if you are too much sleepy that you can’t focus on your life, then it’s also a sign of depression. So, you need to do something about it before your depression goes out of control.

Suicidal Thoughts

During the depression, if your situation is too worst, then you will have suicidal thoughts. At this time, it is hard to treat depression. At the same time, if you are getting suicidal thoughts, you won’t be able to focus on curing depression. In that time, you must consult with a psychologist that would be better for you.


These are the worst ways and situations to treat depression. So, if you are depressed, then never use these ways to treat depression.

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