Hey, We Can’t Avoid Using Plastic Materials; We Can Recycle It, Nonetheless.

Plastic is everywhere. There are plastic cups, bottles, straws, and even plastics that wrap our food and electronics. Plastic is so popular and widely used because of it durable, easy to manufacture, and has thousands of uses. Most of us will use at least 1 product that uses plastic of a daily basis, and this means we’re continually throwing plastic in the bin and landfill.

Why People Want to Reduce Plastic

While plastic does have its usefulness, it is now becoming a global environmental issue. A Green North Sydney Rubbish Removal Company has told us that plastics take roughly 20 – 1,000 years to decompose, depending on the type of plastic and product. Hard plastics may take 1,000 years to decompose, plastic bottles 450 years and plastic bags 20 years. This means that these plastic products pile up in landfill for years and spread into the environment, which causes the death of millions of animals every year. It is also impacting human health as plastics contain harmful chemicals and a recent test has even found microplastics in human blood.

If your body receives these chemicals for a long time, you can face serious problems such as cancer, suppression of the immune system, congenital disabilities etc. And as mentioned earlier, plastic doesn’t decompose, so it also spoils our groundwater. To prevent plastic from piling in the environment, people burn plastic or dump it in the sea. Both techniques are harmful to the environment.
The burning of plastic release carbon dioxide as well as carbon monoxide, which causes global warming. Dumping in the sea is harmful to marine life. To reduce plastic, people recycle plastic. When you buy a plastic bottle, you will see a symbol that means you can recycle it.
Reducing Plastic by The Help of Recycling And Other Techniques
There are two ways of recycling.
The first one is mechanical recycling which involves washing plastic and turning it into powders.
And the second one is commonly known as chemical recycling; in this case, the plastic items are broken into small monomers.
You will see that more people encourage each other to recycle plastic because the more you recycle, the more plastic will reduce from the environment. However, only recycling can’t reduce the amount of plastic because the amount of plastic used every day is enormous. And not every people recycle plastic items properly. So there are many other things that you can do to lessen the amount of plastic.
Avoid plastic items as much as possible. For example, instead of plastic straws, get yourself a straw made of steel. It is a good thing for your health as well as for the turtles and whales. Then instead of plastic bottles, use a reusable bottle.
There are plastic forks and utensils. Try not to use them, and if you order food for delivery, make sure you let the restaurant know that you don’t want any plastic utensils. In this way, the usage of plastic reduces to a greater level.
When you buy coffee from any coffee shop, you should let them know that you don’t want the lid on your coffee cup cause it is plastic.

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All these small practices are good for your health and the animals. The faith of the Earth is basically in our hand. So try to follow these things as much as possible.

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