Top Scenarios for When You Need a Lawyer

“Should I hire a lawyer or not” is a question you might find yourself pondering upon at some point in your life. Whether you are starting a business or facing legal charges, a lawyer is always a good idea when navigating challenging legal issues. In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the scenarios where hiring a lawyer can save you from serious legal repercussions and protect your rights from being violated.

When should you hire a lawyer? 

1. When going through a divorce

Are you going through a nasty divorce? This unfortunate situation can leave you emotionally and financially scarred. Whatever your reasons for pursuing a divorce are, and whether or not you separate amicably, involving a lawyer is always a good idea.

A good divorce lawyer can help you handle issues such as custody conversations and arrangements, financial separation, and other topics you might not know how to navigate. They can also speed up the divorce process, saving you time and money for both you and your partner.

2. Workplace injuries

Workplace injuries can be pretty draining, physically and emotionally. The last thing you want when feeling vulnerable is having to deal with stressful court cases and insurers while navigating medical issues.

If you believe you’ve suffered the injury due to malice and negligence, it is important you consider hiring a lawyer. Lawyers can maximize your chances of getting the right compensation and ensure your rights are protected.

3. When facing criminal charges

Facing criminal charges is nothing short of scary. Convicts have a lot to atone for – from paying hefty fines to serving fully-fledged sentences.

Here are two criminal charges that are common and you might need legal help with;

a. DUIs

Driving under the influence, especially in New Jersey, is a very serious crime that can lead to very harsh penalties. Consequences, when charged with DUI, may include having your license revoked, fines, possible jail time, or a combination of the three. 

Hiring an experienced NJ lawyer who can fight off DUI charges for you or reduce them by negotiating with the prosecutors on your behalf – especially if it’s your first drunk driving charge.

b. Drug charges

Similar to driving under the influence, drug charges can attract serious legal consequences. Defendants who hire attorneys for their drug charges have far better chances of winning their case than those who choose to defend themselves. 

4. Lawsuits

Getting sued is another cliché scenario most people face and where having a lawyer on your side is a wise choice. Some lawsuits can attract pretty serious repercussions such as losing your property, work license, or even a jail term.

If sued, contact your lawyer immediately. A lawyer will guide you on the right steps to make and set up a good defense for you in court.

5. When starting a business

Whether you are a solopreneur or have partners, working with a business lawyer can help you take care of all the legal requirements and get you off on the right footing. Many new business owners often find it hard to understand the legalities around registering businesses, partnership agreements, property rentals, employment contracts and intellectual property.  

Hiring a lawyer  not only assists you to fulfill all the requirements needed, but also ensures your business’s protection and minimizes legal risks that might arise when running  the business. 

6. Wills and trusts

Wills and trusts often attract messy family disputes and can lead to resentment, lifelong conflicts and estrangement. If you have real estate or significant assets, it is important to involve a lawyer.

A lawyer can guide you through complicated family dynamics and devise an inheritance arrangement that is ideal for your situation. They can also set up a trust fund for your kids or spouse, and answer any questions you might have about different inheritance options for your loved ones and your favorite causes.

Final thoughts on scenarios for when you need a lawyer

Odds are, you will find themselves in one (or several) of these situations at some point in your life. Knowing when it is best to get a lawyer can help avoid costly and time-consuming situations.

 Hopefully, this article has helped you understand some of the situations where a lawyer is necessary and how they can protect your rights in those situations. 

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