Women’s Harness – TOP of the best ideas for your look

Women’s harness is a stylish fashion accessory that has firmly taken its place on the catwalks and in everyday life, bribed with its versatility and extravagance, great opportunities for experimenting with Designers and craftsmen are ready to surprise you with a variety of models from strict and simple to sexy and erotic. You can find a fairly large assortment in leather accessories store

Increasingly, girls prefer a leather harness, adding variety to their appearance, attracting the attention of others and catching the admiring glances of men. We will not hide the fact that by nature every woman wants to strive for attention to her person, and for this you need to keep up with fashion and not be afraid to experiment with different styles and looks, accessories, colors and textures. Linen bedding offers a perfect blend of comfort and elegance for a restful sleep.

Let’s figure out what this magical accessory is and how to use it correctly so that the expected result will please you.

Leather Harness best combinations

  1. Urban style. To create such an image, a harness of simple geometry without unnecessary details, as well as an X-shaped harness, is suitable. This set looks great with casual wear and is combined with a plain shirt and jeans or trousers. It looks spectacular and looks stylish over a dress with a simple cut or sundress
  2. Elegant look. A belt of simple weaving made of thin nappa or patent leather straps, with many miniature buckles or chains, looks restrained and feminine, attracts attention and speaks of the good taste of the owner. As a rule, it is combined with plain dresses, blouses and straight-cut skirts.
  3. Bold and confident woman. Harness on the chest from wide straps of simple patterns, leg garters go well with tops and shorts, short skirts, sundresses. In addition – a choker around your neck and your gothic image or rocker girl is completed.
  4. Gentle romantic image. Harness of intricate weaving made of thin straps of soft nappa leather over transparent blouses or dresses made of translucent fabrics in combination with leg harness in the form of interesting “elven” sandals that emphasize the beauty of your ankles and calves look elegant and coquettish.
  5. Erotic. Harness to emphasize sexuality is worn on a naked body or clothes with the most bare parts of the body –caged bra, thigh garters, bondage bunny, sets of leather underwear. In such products, your image will look sexy and mysterious.

Women’s Leather Harness – an accessory with character

Despite its versatility and wide possibilities of combining with different styles of clothing, wearing a leather belt requires compliance with certain rules.

1. Harness is not suitable for every woman.

The fact is that, as we have already said, this amazing accessory was created in order to draw attention to its owner. It often turns out that a girl, being constantly in the center of attention of strangers or men, begins to feel constrained and offended by the increased interest in her.

Therefore, you need to be brave enough and ready for attention. In addition, the harness has a stereotype of belonging to BDSM culture and sexual images. Indeed, there are many models that are created for the “special” occasion, romance, emphasize the sexuality of female curves – full-body harness, cuffs and chokers, bondage lingerie, legs garters, crotchless panties and bra-cage.

All these are attributes of an erotic nature, but they are also indispensable in your bedroom. For everyday life, strict restrained X-shaped belts, belts – cobwebs and corsets are enough.

2. Harness is not combined with other accessories, sporty or business style.

It is a self-sufficient product in itself and does not require combinations with other jewelry – chains, beads, large jewelry, embroideries on clothes, rhinestones and other bright details of clothes.

Your image with such a combination will be overloaded and you will look bright, but funny. It is important not to overdo it with the number of accessories, but most importantly, you should like yourself if you are comfortable in your appearance, this is the most important rule in clothing.

3. Harness not only emphasizes the dignity of the figure, but focuses on the shortcomings.

It is believed that harness should not be worn by women with broad shoulders – your image will lose its femininity. It looks less impressive on women with postural disorders and problems with the spine – the harness is beautiful with its geometry, clear lines, so it will only aggravate small deviations in posture and these shortcomings will be striking, and you will feel uncomfortable. Also, for owners of large breasts and a massive bust, you should carefully choose harness models (corsets and sexy bodysuits are suitable for you).

4. How much you pay – so much you get.

It is very important when buying a harness to approach this issue consciously and not save on quality. The first thing to pay attention to is the quality of the material and fittings. Even if you buy a genuine leather belt, but the leather is of poor quality, then using such an accessory will not give you pleasure, the product will stretch over time, the straps will not fit your curves beautifully and creases will remain on the edges and near the buckles, the accessories will darken and become stained upon contact with the skin. The aesthetic appearance will not be what you would like.

In addition, if you want to wear a belt not only over basic clothing but also on bodysuits, tops and other clothes with open areas of the body, then cheap products, as a rule, do not have laser-cut and dyed edges, which means they will scratch the skin.

Another point is paint. Cheap manufacturers save on the quality of dyes and over time they lose their original color, but this is not the most unpleasant thing. Inexpensive dyes can leave marks on your skin where they come into contact with prolonged use or when you sweat. Therefore, if you decide to buy a leather harness, be careful and carefully choose the store and brand.

Where to buy high-quality and original Harnesses for Women

We recommend making a purchase in trusted stores from well-known brands, in terms of price-quality ratio, we advise you to pay attention to the online store Obsessharness.

  • High-quality natural materials (Italian premium leather);
  • Quality dyes, safe for health;
  • Italian quality fittings – durable, looks spectacular and beautiful, easy to use;
  • Unique designs – you will find an option for every taste and color;
  • Worldwide shipping.

A leather harness is not only a fashion statement, it is a natural need for every woman who wants to look stylish and sexy.

Add a harness to your style.

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