The Allure of Modern Jewellery: Swarajshop Puts Affordably Elegant Jewellery at Your Fingertips

One of the most underappreciated yet well-liked categories of jewellery in India is contemporary jewellery. These designs offer a tasteful fusion of classic and contemporary styles. Modern jewellery is frequently perceived as being pricey, which discourages people from purchasing it. Although that may be true for certain other manufacturers, Swarajshop specialised in providing you with the finest jewels at the most reasonable costs.

We are aware of how challenging it may be to locate the ideal jewellery for you when you are unclear of what to hunt for.  Another kind of gemstone that has lately become more significant is cubic zirconia.  This stone, which is often referred to as an American diamond, costs less than half as much as a genuine diamond and may be produced in a variety of hues and shapes. Given its significance, it has become one of the most well-liked jewellery trends in existence today. Jewellery made of cubic zirconia, often known as CZ, is frequently set in metals including gold, silver, and plated brass alloy.

Although most people expect cubic zirconia to be more expensive than it actually is, artificial jewellery manufactured with it is sometimes far more cheap than jewellery made with other types of gemstones. We provide you with the opportunity to boost your sense of style while keeping within your price range with our carefully picked choices of modern and CZ jewellery.


Finding flexible modern earrings might be one of the most difficult tasks; we are the experts on this! The largest selection of modern earrings can be found on our website, and we know you’ll adore them.

Here are some of our top recommendations for modern earrings:

 Layered pearl hanging earrings by Jalaja

The timeless shape of the lotus flower and oceanic pearls are the sources of inspiration for the Jalaja Layered Pearl Hanging Earrings. The pearls hanging below these gorgeous enamel-painted beauties dangle precisely on the ear lobe. You may be sure that these earrings will match all of your clothing, whether they are Western or Indian.

 Greek earrings for Anakin

The flowery patterns of the time are used in the Anakin Greek Earrings, which draw design influence from antique Greek buildings. Your every movement will be enhanced by the row of pearl beads around the border of these stud earrings.

The Dia Nakshatra CZ Earrings

The swan-shaped Dia Nakshatra CZ Earrings are CZ-studded earrings that go great with your next preferred attire. You may design your Swarajshop jewellery, did you know that? This CZ earring pair is not only available in two eye-catching hues, but it can also be personalised. All you have to do is email us to find out!

CZ Earrings with the Ragini Nakshatra

The Ragini Nakshatra CZ Earrings come in two variations: white with red accents and white with red and green stones. They are stud earrings with an attached ear cuff. The finest outfit for these lovely earrings is a lehenga or saree in green.

Necklace pendants

Your jewellery may make a statement with pendant necklaces. Your entire attire is centred around the pendant, which makes you stand out. CZ pendant sets are consistently the best. Watch them shine beside you at your upcoming special event!

 CZ Pendant Set with Lunar Nakshatra

The Luna Nakshatra CZ Pendant Set is a high-quality brass alloy, gold-plated necklace. This pendant set features a flowery pattern on one side and a CZ stone embellishment on the other. Put this lovely kurta-churidar outfit along with this exquisite necklace.

  CZ Necklace Set with the Afrin Nakshatra.

The Afrin Nakshatra CZ Necklace Set is a peacock-motif CZ necklace set in a white gold-plated brass alloy with red and white stones. Wear this combo with a maroon-colored outfit or a deeper hue to let the necklace stand out.

Bracelets and bangles

Modern bracelets and bangles are the icing on the cake of imitation jewellery sets. Watch your favourite clothes take on a whole new look as you add a modern bangle to your jewellery collection.

 With the aid of these items, get ready for a change:

Antique Sarang Bangles

You probably didn’t anticipate finding an old bangle on this list. TheSarang Antique Bangles give you the vintage polki appearance with cubic zirconia stones placed in a polki manner. Pair them with your favourite navvari cotton saree or a lovely silk saree.

Simple Cuff Bracelet with Pansy Floral CZ.

This modern bracelet is embellished with CZ stones and painted with coloured enamel. This Pansy Floral CZ Simple Cuff Bracelet is simple yet exquisite, and it will look best as a statement piece or as the capstone to a collection of bangles. With this lovely bracelet, get ready to flaunt your soft brilliance!

The ambition to make elegance accessible is at the core of Swarajshop’s modern jewellery. Our finely created items reinvent how affordability and elegance coexist. They are enhanced with premium brass alloys and gold plating. Every product is evidence of the idea that sophistication need not be a privilege but may be enjoyed by anyone.


These items serve as a constant reminder that elegance has no bounds or price range. Stay tuned to Swarajshop blogs for more enlightening tales of accessible elegance and insights into the jewellery industry. You celebrate not only beauty but also the magic of your trip with each item you wear.

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