GeeComfy Home Design Products – The Combination of Unique Design & Ultra-Comfort

What is GeeComfy

GeeComfy is a featured brand that with ten years of experience in home textile design and production. It is dedicated to offering unique, high-quality bedding and home design products, creating a close-to-nature living space for you and your family.

Why Choose GeeComfy

GeeComfy combines unique design with natural and high-quality materials. It aims to provide cost-effective products to create a warm, natural, and comfortable living space for you and your family. You will no longer live in a monotonous home from spring to winter.

Every product of GeeComfy is not only a daily necessity but also an ornament. The unique designs come from the inspiration of cultural and fashion elements of different countries. So, there are various styles like modern minimalist style, Bohemian style, natural country cottage style, etc. You can choose from these novel and colorful designs to modify and decorate your home as you like.

Premium material is the guarantee of high quality. GeeComfy strictly selects premium natural fabrics to produce bedding and home design products that are soft, glossy, skin-friendly, breathable, and elastic.

What GeeComfy Provides

For now, GeeComfy offers a great selection of bedding sets, throw pillows and throw pillow covers. They feature different stylish designs, and are all made of premium materials. Following are what you can find at GeeComfy.

100% Organic Cotton Quilt

GeeComfy reversible quilts are made of 100% organic cotton fabric, and the cotton batting is quilted tight in place by exquisite cloud-construction stitching. These cotton quilts feature beautiful designs on both sides, superior softness, durability and non-pilling performance.

They fall into three fashionable styles based on designs, modern minimalist style, natural country style and exotic ethnic style. You can choose any style that fits your home decor.

These quilts are versatile bedding pieces year-round. A quilt can be used as a single bedding piece, a warm top layer, a bedsheet, a decorative bedspread, a practical sofa mat, or a portable indoor and outdoor blanket from spring to winter.

Eco-Friendly Tencel Sheet Set

Made of eco-friendly Tencel Lyocell rayon extracted from sustainable eucalyptus trees, these Tencel sheets and pillow shams feature exceptional softness, smoothness, comfy and skin-friendly feeling.

They are produced through a chemical-free closed loop production process that recycles 99% of the materials, saving more than 90% water and 30% energy. Therefore, they are good for our body health and the planet.

Tencel sheets will wick away the sweat and moisture, creating a cooling and comfortable sleeping environment perfect for sleeping naked.

100% Organic Cotton Sheet Set & Duvet Cover Set

If you are cotton fabric lovers, the cotton sheet set and duvet cover are perfect options. They are made of 400-thread count cotton fabrics, soft, breathable and comfy to sleep with.

These two bedding sets are designed with fluffy tufted macrame as embellishments, adding some playful accent on the solid light blue and gray shades.

The deep pocket fitted sheets with elastic hem fit mattresses from twelve to sixteen inches. All the shams are featured with an envelope closure, easy to remove and clean. In addition, the duvet cover comes with corner ties that keep the duvet or comforter firm in place.

Velvet Seashell Throw Pillows

These velvet throw pillows feature a unique seashell shape and exquisite craft.

Precise and exquisite cutting and stitching process ensure regular shape and smooth edges, adding a touch of seashell vitality. The shiny Dutch velvet fabric presents subtle color changes under different lights, elegant, spiffy, suitable for creating a beachy or coastal house interior atmosphere.

Larger than most shell-shaped pillows, these pillows can provide more comprehensive lumbar support, decorative and also functional.


Natural Boho Throw Pillow Covers

Throw pillows are the most accessible home decorations. GeeComfy offers embroidery tufted throw pillow covers and hand-crocheted macrame throw pillow covers to help make a bohemian home.

The embroidery tufted throw pillow covers are made from 70% organic cotton and 30% first-class natural linen. They feature soft, comfy touch and durability. They are designed with embroidered fluffy tufts in various patterns and tassels at corners, which will stand out as colorful interests and ornaments to your boho space.

The hand-crocheted macrame throw pillow covers are made of 100% high-class organic cotton. The delicate handwoven patterns and lively macrame are designed to match any vibrant or neutral color palettes of your sofa, couch, and bed.

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