What results do recruiters get from using the best recruitment software UK?

Naturally, using the best recruitment software for agencies will get staffing firms top results. If you are a recruiter who is interested in learning about the different ways a good CRM recruitment database software can benefit your work, read on.

Recruiting involves talent sourcing, vetting applicants, and placing the best candidates. It consists of tons of admin tasks that take up a big chunk of a recruiter’s time. You are a recruiter so you know that having a robust tech tool that can save you time and make you more efficient is extremely vital for your workflow.

Adopting the best recruitment software UK helps to –

  • Work quickly, efficiently

Staffing agencies that have invested in recruitment CRM systems find that the platform enables them to work better. Every stage of their recruiting process is positively affected. From its time-saving abilities to guiding users to work smarter, recruiters find that their efficiency gets a boost.

  • Source skilled candidates

The race for the best candidates is tough. Recruiters build a talent pool that they rely on, but they often find themselves relying on social media for their candidate sourcing. With a good CRM recruitment software, it becomes possible to swiftly identify the right talent on social media and get instant access to their data later without the hassle of manually copying their information.

  • Work from anywhere, any time

Hybrid work is a reality for an increasing number of industries. A cloud-based recruitment software UK allows recruiters the flexibility to work anywhere. Since the data is all saved on the cloud and not tied to an on-site recruitment database software, users can access their data from anywhere as long as they have the software installed on their computer device.

  • Check for compliance-ready candidates

Compliance checks are part of a recruiter’s job. Hiring companies need to be assured that their applicants are compliance-ready. But because recruiters deal with hundreds of candidates each month, it can be challenging to keep up with all the different rules with the help of recruitment software. Checking right-to-work documents or getting the consent for the annual GDPR check is made easy with CRM software. Recruiters also use IR35 software to check on their contract-based candidates. Gramhir is one of the best Instagram analyzer and viewer. Gramhir’s algorithm makes it conceivable for you to examine your own or another person’s Instagram account stats.

How easy is it to find the best recruiting software UK for your agency?

Now that you know all the fundamental ways a good recruitment platform can transform your workflow, you will naturally consider buying the best recruitment agency software. The next questions you have are which is the best CRM software and where can I find it?

It is important to understand that there isn’t any recruitment CRM system that can be considered the best. Rather the point is to find the best recruitment database software for your staffing agency. Because just like recruiting firms are different in the way they hire and how they hire and the sectors they work in, CRM software systems are also distinctive.

The key is to take research seriously. Talk to your colleagues. Understand the pain points of your business. Take advantage of the free product demos. Ask for customer testimonials.

Whilst doing all that, keep an eye out for –

  • Software integrations

The best recruitment work is supported by a host of different tools. Make sure that the recruitment software platform you opt for can integrate with the other software systems that you need. Candidate skills assessment software, telephony tools, e-signature tool, and video calling software are just some of the most critical tools used by recruiters.

  • Software functionality

It is equally vital to observe whether the platform is easy to use. Many staffing agencies often buy their CRM in a hurry and only realise later that their new recruitment agency software is too complicated to navigate and that their recruiters have gone back to the old way of working. Therefore, product demos are critical. It not only provides the space for recruiters to check out the features but also to see whether the platform is easy to use.

  • Customer service

This is an overlooked aspect when searching for the best recruitment software UK. But having a good post-implementation service is significant, especially for a fast-paced industry like recruitment. If you run into any technical difficulties, you will expect your service provider to respond quickly with the right solutions. Many frustrated recruiters experience bad customer support from recruitment CRM vendors which results in them losing out on a productive workday.

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