Top 15 must-read Korean Webtoons Manhwa in 2021

Korean webtoon is nothing new when their popularity has expanded not only in the country but all over the world. Released in 2000, it gained a lot of attention. Webtoons is released periodically, can be weekly, or monthly in vertical format, very easy and convenient for readers. Through the webtoon, readers can realize that Korean culture is skillfully interwoven in every detail. Coming to webtoon, you can also practice your Korean. I will share with you the top 15 best webtoons.

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  • Sound of Your Heart

Sound of Your Heart belongs to author Cho Seok, is a wwebtoon manhwa of the humorous and satirical genre. Sound of Your Heart talks about Jo Seok’s life, family, and social relationships through humorous situations that make readers extremely interested. Sound of Your Heart completed with a total of 546 episodes.

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  • Kubera

Kubera, written by author Currygom, is a fascinating fantasy genre manhwa. Rated 9/10, and with over 300 episodes written in English, Kubera is about a girl in a faraway town who, after a while away from home, discovers that a Sura has destroyed her home. her beloved village. Let’s join the girl in the revenge plan. Kubera is still in the process of writing, released every Monday.

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  • About Death

About Death is written by 2 authors Hyeono and Sini. About Death is written entirely in English, very convenient for those who want to improve their English skills. About Death talks about the boundary between life and death and talks about characters who can talk to people in both worlds. A special feature of About Death is that there is background music accompanying each episode, in order to bring the most authentic feeling to the reader. About Death is a completed television genre with a total of 22 episodes, rated 9.83/10. you should try this site happy2hub and click here to know more about worldupdate and if you use this site you will find a lot of information about thewebnews

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  • Cheese in the trap

Cheese in the trap is written by Soonkki, with a rating of 9.69/10 and has over 100 episodes written entirely in English. In particular, “Cheese in the trap” was adapted into a movie in 2016. “Cheese in the trap” is about the love story of a hardworking student Seol Hong and a final year student Jung Yu. He’s the perfect guy, but from Seol Hong’s point of view, how will things turn out? Cheese in the Trap belongs to the romance genre and has been completed with a total of 77 episodes. How can you know about worldtravelplace.net best website wapkingzone.com and more website visit here bestnewszone.com.

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  • Untouchable

Untouchable is written by Massstar. Untouchable follows Sia Lee – a vampire – who is absorbing human energy but not having to drink blood. But it all started when Sia noticed Jiho – the next door neighbor. Untouchable belongs to the romance genre and has been completed, with a rating of 9.68/10.

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  • Tower of God

Tower of God was written by Siu. Webtoon is about a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam, who has lived under a tower for most of his life. Not only him, Rachel was also trapped down there. Rachel entered the tower, in order to find her friend, Bam had to go through many trials. Tower of God under the virtual genre, still in the process of writing and released every Monday!

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  • Noblesse

Noblesse is written by two talented writers Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee. Rai is the main character in Noblesse, is a noble with many powers, after a long sleep for nearly 1000 years, he wakes up in the body of a high school student. However, many problems have arisen. Noblesse belongs to the virtual genre and this best manhwa has been completed. If you visit this site you can more information mynewsweb and by visiting this site you can know this about activesnet. To find more information about importance of edunewszone

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  • Days of Hana

Days of Hana is written by SeokWoo. Days of Hana tells the love story of Haru – a werewolf boy and Hana – a simple human girl. Days of Hana belongs to the romance genre, has been completed, rated 9.78/10.

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  • Dice

Dice is written by HyunSeok Yun. Dice is about a new world, just like in an online game, you can have a whole new life by playing dice. In Dice, Tae Bin is often bullied. One day he met Dong Tae, they started playing dice and the story started. Dice belongs to the virtual genre, rated 9.59/10, and has more than 200 episodes in English. Dice is still in the process of writing, updated every Wednesday.

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  • Oh! Holy

Oh! Holy is written by Ahyun, with over 80 volumes in English. Oh! Holy is about Holy and Jaimee’s childhood friendship. Especially Jaimee can see ghosts, while Holy is the popular girl at school. Oh! Holy belongs to the romance genre and is completed.

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  • Surviving Romance

Surviving Romance is written by Lee Yone. Surviving Romance is about a girl named Chaerin Eun who becomes the main character in the novel she is reading. She wanted a happy ending, but things seemed to be going in a different direction. Can she have a happy ending? Surviving Romance is a horror genre, still in the process of writing, which is released every Thursday.

  • If AI ruled the world

“If AI rules the world” written by Pogo and Hoopa. In “If AI rules the world”, AI is becoming extremely important in the human world. What is going to happen? “If AI rules the world” is a sci-fi genre, still in progress, released every Monday.

  • Omniscient reader

Omniscient reader is written by Sin N Song and Sleepy-C. Omniscient reader follows in the footsteps of Dokja, an ordinary office worker. But he was a loyal reader of the book “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse” and it turned into the real world. With knowledge and intelligence, can Dokja change the world? Omniscient reader is an action genre, still being written and released every Wednesday.

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  • True Beauty

True Beauty is written by Yaongyi. True Beauty is about a girl who is always self-conscious about her face, so she always wears makeup and becomes famous. But after being discovered, what will happen to her? True Beauty is a romance genre, still in the process of writing, and is released every Wednesday.

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  • Lookism

Lookism is written by Taejun Park. Lookism is about Daniel, a student with a chubby body, so he is often bullied. However, one day, he wakes up and finds himself in the body of a tall handsome man. That means you will have things you never had before. What will happen then? Lookism is a drama genre, still in the process of writing, updated every Sunday.

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