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Recruiters and their quest to find the best software for recruitment agencies

In the race to find the best candidates before the competition, there is one tool that can make this task easier and simpler. Recruitment software systems have become a staple for today’s recruiters and staffing firms.

Yet, if there are still some agencies and recruiters who have just decided to utilise a recruitment CRM solution, we have a few important pointers for you.

Understanding how recruitment agency software is helpful in quality recruiting

  1. Provides a central platform
  2. Keeps communication organised
  3. Saves time, boosts efficiency
  4. Makes compliance checks easier

Recruitment management software solutions are very useful because they immediately provide a central system wherein all the data can be stored. It removes the likelihood of recruiters misplacing important information. Accessing data also becomes much easier.

Ensuring positive candidate experience and engagement are necessary for keeping the top talents interested in the recruiting process. The best candidates do not lack opportunities and great offers. Communication plays a pivotal role. Keeping the information flow swift, transparent and concise is helpful. A recruitment agency software enables streamlined communication. All the emails, text messages, and notes can be stored in one place and accessed easily.

Cloud-based recruitment software is particularly useful during these remote working times. Recruiters can work from home just as easily as they used to from their office. Since data is on the cloud, it promotes efficiency and saves time as it removes the necessity of having to be in front of the office desk to get the work done.

Compliance checks are part of recruitment work. GDPR and IR35 regulations have made it mandatory for recruiters to check and ensure that compliance is in place for every candidate. These laws can be quite complex. But a recruitment management system will have the compliance checking system inbuilt in the platform. So the next time you need to carry out these checks, it makes the process a whole lot easier and simple.

Finding the best recruitment software for agencies

Whether staffing agencies want a temps software or perm recruitment database software system, thorough research is necessary. Finding a great executive search software for head-hunters is also done the same way.

1. Market research

Always do the due diligence before signing up with any recruitment CRM vendor. There are numerous CRM software solutions in the market. But not every recruitment database software will be suitable for all agencies. It is up to the agencies to undertake thorough research and find the best one. Look at what competitors with similar business models and organisation sizes are using. It is also important to check for compatibility with the other software and recruiting tools already in use. For example, some recruitment CRM systems will operate only with Windows but if your agency uses only MAC then you will not be able to use it. These factors must be considered early on.

2. Book demos

Most of the recruitment software vendors are happy to offer free product demonstrations. Potential customers can book online demos or even ask for on-site demos. It is important to observe the product carefully when the salesperson is demonstrating all the features. Take this time to ask questions as it pertains to your agency and work. Experienced salespeople that have worked with many different recruitment firms will be able to give you solid, honest feedback. It is also vital that you take note of the software’s functionality. If it appears to be too complicated and likely to be ignored after a few weeks, then is it worth investing in this recruitment CRM platform? Demos offer opportunities to consider all such critical points.

3. Read customer testimonials

Customer reviews can be a good indicator of whether you are making the right decision. Always ask for testimonials from their clients. But don’t rely only on them as vendors will clearly send you glowing reviews. That’s not to say you can get anything worthwhile from these selected reviews. Make a note of what gets highlighted. If most of the customers praise the client support, then you know it’s something that the vendor values. Visit Trustpilot where the reviews for the recruitment software system and the supplier are more objective. You can get a mix of both positive and negative customer testimonials there. Check what is being discussed and how the vendor is handling such comments.

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