Looking for Gemstones at Cheaper Rate; Look at These Three Lands, They are Full of Stones

Seaglass, emeralds, ambers, the creme de la creme of nature’s beauty. The tiara of mother nature which she wears with such glamour and glory that the rest of nature remains awed and thaws upon beholding the sight. The gorgeous entities are quite expensive under the capitalistic veil of corporations, making them inaccessible to the general populace. Therefore, the less financially fortunate gem enthusiasts might be able to look at the following places with the hope of quenching their undying thirst for exploring the magnificence of nature.

Colombia is a country in South America. The country’s economy is in the process of recovery from the crisis of 2008. And it is currently manifesting as a powerhouse refers to the largely owed to the various mines extracting the various mineral resources that the Earth of Colombia is full of blessings.
Among the absolute rich gem infested earth, one can find a plethora of these charming beauties. Due to an influx of such mesmerising stones, the market forces are there to the natural determining factors, and the market forces determine the prices to be relatively low. The cost of Emeralds in the markets $30 at the cheapest spectrum. To attain a significantly pure emerald unearthed from Colombia is staggering news. The Colombian Peso is not a very valuable currency. As a result, the sale of the emeralds is lower price compared to the American and British markets.

When it comes to natural resources, the continent that automatically comes to mind is Africa. Thus, it is no surprise that Kenya is on this list. The mineral-rich Earth of Kenya was its main attracting property that led to the invasion of colonialists. Tanzania in Kenya has plenty of blessings with gorgeous green tsavorite garnet. These embedded stones are stunning to behold. These garnets float for $8500 per carat in American markets, whereas they are available at around $350 per carat in Kenya. That is a great bargain.

Sri Lanka
Asia is usually not the first continent that pops up into our imagination when contemplating gemstones. The continent has traditional admiration as culturally diverse, with flamboyancy at every step of daily lifestyle. However, that flamboyancy actuates from some quirky properties. And a surprising find in Sri Lanka. One of the nature havens on Earth, the land of Sri Lanka is complete with a plethora of gemstones. No matter the kind. There is a saying that lingers in the air of Ratnapura, “If one searches blindly on the earth of Ratnapura, the individual will attain the Earth in their hands.”
In such a frenzy of gemstone availability, it is also awe-inducing to see the prices of these beauties. The current rate revolves around $8 to $10 per carat. That is a very, very low fraction of the price tags in the markets of other developed nations or even other neighbouring nations.

However, all these are articulated based on the assumption. The consumer is out of manipulation while buying the wrong items scattered everywhere in these markets. Even gem enthusiasts need to keep their eyes open to not fall into the uncanny counterfeits. Otherwise, these places are an absolute gem to obtain gorgeous gems.

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