Some Jobs in Japan are Highly Suitable for International Students, Which Even Don’t Harm Their Studies.

Tokyo is the centre of Japan which is constantly vibrating with life. There are numerous job vacancies in the heart of the country since everyone needs extra help for their growing business activities. With the friendly community and good pay, Tokyo is the perfect place to look for job experiences for students. Below are some part-time jobs which you can do with basic or no Japanese.

Kitchen staff
Tokyo is perfect for dining out and serves everything from traditional ramen to Japanese BBQ. With so many thriving restaurants, there are many job opportunities for foreigners. It would help foreigners learn Japanese faster since they need to communicate with locals daily. However, the need for Japanese proficiency would depend on different restaurants. You can also apply as a head chef if you have previous experience in the food industry, and eventually, this experience might help you become a food service engineer. The interview would be in Japanese, and you would get a typical wage between ¥1000 – ¥1200 an hour.
Food delivery
Food delivery is an expanding business worldwide, and with a pandemic, it is even more on the rise since people cannot go to restaurants to dine in. This job is astonishing for people who are active and like to travel around. Restaurants generally give the vehicles though you need a driver’s license. Or you can join with Uber Eats if you have a bicycle. The working hours of an Uber driver are pretty flexible, and you can earn twice as much in dinner and lunch hours. You cannot expect extra income from tips since tipping in is considered rude in Japan. Usually, you could easily earn around ¥1100 an hour.

Hotel Staff
Typically, there are two types of jobs available in a hotel: front desk receptionist and cleaning staff. The hotel owners in Tokyo usually prefer foreigners to be a receptionist, but you need to be proficient in Japanese for that. You will also prefer if you are good in Chinese, Korean, or English since many foreigners come to stay in these luxurious hotels. If you are entirely a newcomer to this industry, you can start as cleaning staff. You can also get visa sponsorship if you work part-time in hotels. The salary is around ¥1000 an hour.

Packaging staff
This job is also quite popular among students and foreigners in Tokyo. If you’re a packaging staff, your job would be to check the good and seal them into boxes. Usually, the goods consist of food and clothes. Though you can not improve your Japanese from working here, it is a quick way to gain cash. The owners are pretty generous with hourly wages and would pay around ¥1,200 an hour.

English Teacher
English has become a part of our daily life, and it is required to communicate with foreigners while making business deals. You can become an English teacher and teach both adults and children. For that, you would need TESOL or TEFL certificates to show your efficiency in English. You can easily earn around ¥1500 per lesson.

While doing part-time jobs, make sure you follow the rules, including having a valid visa and residence card. Along with that, you would also need a Japanese resume (Rirekisho) and a Japanese bank account.

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