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HealthTap is an online telehealth platform that offers patients affordable, secure, and accessible healthcare. Its services include live video/text chat sessions, a network of doctors, and advanced tech tools.

The service aims to revolutionize how people access medical information. Its AI system asks members questions about their symptoms, which it then processes in order to decide if they need to see a doctor.

Free to join

HealthTap is a free service that allows users to ask doctors questions via text, voice or video. Millions of doctors answer queries on HealthTap at no cost.

For $15 per month, the company offers Concierge service with video visits with doctors to answer specific questions. With that price point, you’ll get a personalized consultation and customized checklist of healthy behaviors to help keep you on track.

HealthTap not only answers questions from users on its platform, but it also collects medical conditions, allergies and medications from doctors who donate their time. That data allows concierge doctors to customize their virtual visits according to individual preferences, according to Gutman.

HealthTap is a nationwide virtual healthcare provider offering affordable, high-quality primary care and urgent care to all Americans – regardless of insurance status. Members have access to a long-term primary care doctor for ongoing needs, free texting with your doctor, $39 video appointments for urgent needs and $59 visits for 24/7 urgent care at no additional cost.

Free to ask a question

HealthTap provides users with the opportunity to ask general health questions and receive answers from North American physicians. Doctor Q&A is free and supported by peer review, providing assurance of accuracy.

Doctors must pass a series of checks to guarantee they hold an active license and are in good standing before joining HealthTap. Those approved also receive a Virtual Practice, providing them with all the tools needed to facilitate online health conversations and create high-quality content.

At its core, our mission is to provide patients with reliable and up-to-date healthcare information – anytime, anywhere – for free.

Gutman emphasizes the caveat: This app should not replace face-to-face visits with patients. Instead, he says, it can help patients make the most of their sessions.

HealthTap’s founder estimates that 25% of all doctor visits are just questions, making its free service a win-win for both patients and doctors. It saves both parties time while teaching patients when they can skip a visit or absolutely must see their doctor.

Free to schedule an appointment

HealthTap is a free tool that gives you 24/7 access to board-certified physicians. You can book video consultations or text with a doctor from the comfort of your phone or desktop computer.

Your doctor will collaborate with you to create a tailored treatment plan and refer you to specialists when necessary. Your complete medical profile is accessible in the app, enabling you to quickly view lab records and prescriptions.

Members can request a doctor to write them a prescription for various medications, including non-prescription drugs, supplements and vitamins. It’s important to note that doctors in the HealthTap network cannot write prescriptions for narcotics/controlled substances, psychiatric illnesses or drugs restricted in your state.

HealthTap, founded by Stanford University student Ron Gutman, offers an innovative service that lets users connect with real doctors. By eliminating the need to book an appointment and travel in person for in-person consultations, their platform saves you time.

Free to receive a prescription

HealthTap members enjoy access to 90,000 doctors across 147 specialties who share their knowledge and expertise with HealthTap users. These specialists can answer questions via video, text or chat; they may also order lab tests, write prescriptions and provide referrals to other specialists.

HealthTap Prime members also enjoy discounts on prescriptions written by their personal care physician, which are administered through ScriptHero.

Ron Gutman founded HealthTap with a desire to help people lead healthier lives. He observed that patients often neglected their medical regimens, leading to unnecessary trips to the doctor and spending unnecessary money on prescription medications. With HealthTap, Ron hopes to change this by providing them with tools for healthier living.

He set out to create a virtual healthcare system that would increase patient engagement and cut costs. His vision was to offer people an all-inclusive approach to their health, complete with direct advice from doctors and adherence tools.

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