What Are the Key Advantages of Upgrading to Oracle R12

Information technology, based on the analysis of data forms the crux of any business these days. With the support and backup of a powerful database management system, the business can operate and make any transition smoothly. With the latest versions and upgrades arriving in the market every other day, it becomes necessary to keep updated and adapt to the changes. One such change is the Oracle R12 upgrade which is a hybrid Cloud installation. When a company uses third-party servers to run its database information and use it for the benefit of the customers, it helps the company to save on running costs and infrastructure. Let us look at the key advantages of upgrading to Oracle R12:

  1. Simplifies Installation:

The installation is simple and upgrading will not hinder the service support and other features. It only enhances the usability and performance along with adhering to the compliance features. The various steps in upgrading such as functional evaluation, configuration and modification, internal evaluation, regression testing and technical upgrade, retrofit internal testing and user-accepted testing method are easy to follow and standardized.

  1. Mobility is Enhanced:

The performance and significance of vital business systems have a direct impact on the performance of the workforce. So, when businesses operate with a mobile workforce, there is a need to adopt a compatible data management system which can keep up with the transitions. Upgrading to Oracle R12 improves the functioning and operations.

  1. Enterprise Command Centers and Online Patching:

With a continuous introduction of new dashboards and avoidance of downtime as key features of any upgrade by Oracle, the support granted along with any new change and transition makes it easy to implement. Most of these changes can be applied while the application is running thus leading to uninterrupted functioning.

  1. Enhances Security and User Experience:

The use of an upgraded version also increases the security and safety of the system in addition to enhancing the user’s experience. The operations are safe and do not face any external threat of breach of data.

  1. Provision of Customization Across the Company:

With customizations as a regular norm, the upgrade simply enhances the experience and makes working more convenient and faster. The customizations come as a standard functionality and do not affect the working along with removing any complexity in its implementation and working of the company. The procedures and process can continue working in the renovated version with equal excellence.


The ownership costs are lower, thus adding value to the company. Further, the downtime is also reduced, thereby improving the user experience. Security and compliance are also alleviated by upgrading to Oracle R12 and going in for Cloud testing. With Opkey testing, the manual testing efforts are cut short by a significant amount of time. Besides, these tests are top-rated one-click generated ones which allow the client to receive premier support for the coming years and can avail of the benefits of online patching, enterprise command centers along WebLogic server facility. With Opkey’s no-code test automation, all of this is made feasible and practical. Opkey allows the use of pre-build accelerators and end-to-end testing makes the whole process simple and easy to implement. So, it is time to elevate and move on to the new and latest version of cost-effective services without disrupting your present operations.

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