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Top 10 SEO Strategies to Outrank Your Competitors

Building an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy can be difficult. However, it would be best to remember that SEO is a competition, and visibility is essential in the e-commerce industry. This is why any SEO agency in Australia works hard to outrank their client’s competitors and stay in the first five listings on Google’s search engine results page or SERP. 

Are you wondering how these SEO agencies do their job and how you can boost your search engine rankings? These are the top 10 strategies you can use to outrank your competitors.


Most of the successful SEO strategies start with keyword research. This involves using a keyword research tool that allows you to select the appropriate words or phrases you want to appear on your website or any content that will appear when people search for these on Google. The words or phrases you will select will become your site’s keywords.


To maximise the results of this strategy, don’t just focus on getting more visitors to improve your search engine rankings. Make sure to get the right visitors for your websites by using the most relevant keywords.


  • Optimise Your Site 


As soon as you have the keywords that will be used for your site to compete in Google’s SERP, it’s now time to optimise your website correctly. SEO specialists ensure that all your keywords are used and made to appear frequently on your website or some pages that you wish to rank for the said keywords.


Furthermore, your chosen keyword should appear in each target page’s title, alt texts, header, URLs, meta tags and file names. Also, these should be implemented in the source code and the existing content found on the page you wish to rank.


  • Create New, Engaging and Keyword-Rich Content


Improving your search engine ranking can also be done using each page of your website. You can either update your pages or create new, engaging, keyword-rich content to do this. You can publish this content in the form of blog posts, product pages, directories and FAQ pages.


  • Make Use of Internal Links


Another simple yet effective technique that is used to boost organic traffic is to increase the number of internal links found on your site. This is done by linking some of the pages you want to rank to the other pages of your site. You can edit some of your old blog posts and add internal links connecting them to the other pages of your website. By maximising the use of internal linking in website navigation, you will most likely improve your website’s ranking power and domain authority.


  • Boost Your Backlinks

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Aside from internal linking, you also need to maximise your site’s external links. This is done by asking other website owners to link their sites to yours. This technique makes both your websites look good in the eyes of Google. However, be careful with this practice. Avoid donating to non-profit and charitable institutions in exchange for a backlink. These strategies violate Google’s webmaster guidelines and might cause you to be penalised.


  • Boost Your Pages’ Loading Time


The loading time of your webpage is proven to have a significant effect on your SEO and digital marketing strategies. If your website is loading slowly, there is an excellent chance that your other optimisation strategies are wasted. Also, lower page speed leads to a higher bounce rate that could further hurt your site’s search engine rankings.


If you want to increase your site’s load speed, remove all the unnecessary widgets, multimedia and plugins. Aside from that, minify all the HTML, JavaScript and CSS files larger than 150 bytes. If these techniques fail to improve the loading speed, you should consider upgrading your current web hosting.


  • Use Breadcrumbs


Visitors are fond of websites that are very convenient to navigate. As such, using breadcrumbs is an excellent way to attract more visitors and improve your site’s ranking. These are navigational aids that make search engines and visitors conveniently navigate your site. They also show up when searchers run a Google search and show them exactly where to find what they are looking for in your site. 


  • Maximise the Use of Meta Descriptions


Meta descriptions are among the first things visitors come across when they search Google. They are your first and direct way of telling users what your webpage is all about. If your site’s meta descriptions are optimised, they can attract more visitors to your site and increase its visibility online.


  • Check Your Competitors Sites’ Domain Authority


Checking the domain authority (a search engine ranking score between 1 and 100) of your competitor’s website is a technique that helps you determine how effective their SEO strategies are. If their score is closer to 100 or higher than your website, then their SEO strategies are working well compared to yours. This should encourage you to reassess your strategy and develop something that will help you outrank them.


  • Hire an SEO Agency


Although the strategies mentioned earlier are proven to improve your site’s rankings and help outrun your competitors, hiring a reliable SEO agency like HMG Digital proves to be your ultimate option. This is because SEO agencies could provide you with the following benefits.

  • An SEO agency helps you save time by handling all the needed SEO strategies your site needs to outrank its competitors.
  • Hiring an SEO agency also allows you to save money. Their extensive know-how of the SEO trends prevents you from spending more resources trying out various strategies that will not help you achieve your site’s goals.
  • An SEO agency helps you out in creating a holistic and coordinated strategy that will eventually earn a lot of revenue.
  • Working with an SEO agency protects your site from the adverse effects caused by sudden changes in Google’s algorithm. These agencies usually employ a group of personnel that monitors Google’s behaviour. Thus, the potential impact of sudden changes in Google’s guidelines is effectively dealt with before they affect your site’s ranking performance.


Knowing the top SEO strategies that most websites use to outrank their competitors allows you to recalibrate your SEO efforts and develop a concrete plan to achieve your site’s goals. However, hiring the service of a reliable SEO agency changes everything. Having a reliable partner to take care of your site relieves you of all the stress and pressure that goes with SEO. All you need to do is sit back, relax and allow the experts to do the magic for you.


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