How Long Should a Drawbar be on a Trailer?

A drawbar ensures that a trailer keeps a safe distance from your vehicle, which will prevent the trailer from damaging it when turning. This becomes more and more important the larger your trailer and the more expensive the cars you drive.  

Why Drawbars Matter

Drawbars ensure that your vehicle and trailer can turn safely without a collision and that you can rest without having to fear damage to your belongings or those around you when you’re driving. Drawbars are of varying sizes, needing specific dimensions for every vehicle they’re on, ranging in length from .75 m to 1 m at the very least.

Without proper measurement, you may find yourself with one that’s too small and causes wiggling turns that can quickly form countless dents in the back of your car, and with one that’s too long, you’ll end up risking the other vehicles in traffic with you.  

How is Drawbar Length Measured?

Drawbar length depends on the width of your tow vehicle. Drawbars must be at least half as long as your vehicle’s width. Since most cars, vans, and SUVs are between 1.6 to 1.9 m, you’ll divide that number by half and add a little extra for mobility. Most sites recommend the shortest drawbar that fits your vehicle and trailer, while others say an extended drawbar might be a good option for some people.  

What Can You Gain From an Extended Drawbar?

An extended drawbar offers the chance for your trailer to maintain a distance from your vehicle, saving your car or SUV from any risk of denting while you’re making turns or driving. Although every car is different, an extended drawbar can also make reversing easier on most of them, allowing you to back up with ease instead of struggling to find another way to get out of a tight spot.

The longer your drawbar is, the more smooth and stable the trailer will travel, allowing for a quieter and more fluid drive. It can be more forgiving and responsive if you have to make quick turns or changes.

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How Long Should Your Drawbar be?

To answer it: if you have a car with a 1.9 m width, your drawbar should be no longer than 2.1 m and no shorter than .9 m. This will give it the mobility it needs and ensure that all of your trailer components are working in unison for you to be able to tow your vehicle and trailer wherever you need to. Of course, this can vary in situations with strangely shaped cars, and especially with trucks, so consider your vehicle type before making any decisions on this.  

Every Part of Your Trailer Should be Well Planned

The things we tow and the vehicles we pull them with are often worth tens of thousands of dollars. Because of this, every inch of your trailer, your trailer hitch, and your vehicle should be carefully planned out so that you won’t risk damaging or losing any of it.  

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