You Can Avail the Citizenship or Permanent Residence of these Countries Without Facing Difficulties Regarding Age, Purpose and Job

Many people, especially from developing countries nowadays, wish to go and settle in developed countries. Some of them work there for years and then return to their motherlands. On the other hand, some settle there permanently.
Many developed countries are showing their interest to allow foreigners as citizens or residents in their countries. They prefer a work visa to a family visa. They allow a lot of skilled and hard-working foreigners permanent citizenship as per the immigration policy.
You can be a permanent resident in these countries following some easy rules and regulations. Let us know about five developed countries where you can get citizenship quickly.



One can get residency or citizenship in Canada following straightforward rules. If a person stays there only for 730 days within five years, he can apply for citizenship in Canada. In that case, they have to go through a process.
If a foreigner wants to become a Canadian citizen, he has to be a permanent resident in Canada. Usually, no one can get Canadian citizenship directly.
A person with the status of permanent resident gets a card called PR (permanent resident) card. This card has a fixed period. The cardholder has to renew it before expiration. So, it is not a permanent document. After getting the status of permanent resident, a person must obey some rules and regulations. Later he can apply for citizenship.

Singapore government is so much flexible in the case of immigration policy. If you want to do a job or business in Singapore, you have to stay for two years. The government will give you residency or citizenship then. One can get citizenship by marrying a Singaporean too.



Argentina is a country in Latin America. It is famous for Maradona and Messi- two legends of football. Argentina is so much generous to the foreigners for getting residency and citizenship in this country. If you can show 1000 dollars as your per month income and stay there for two years, then you can apply to become a citizen in Argentina. You have to submit your legal papers to stay and get citizenship in this country.

If you live in Peru for study or business, then you can apply for citizenship. You will get this opportunity after two years.

Another Latin American country famous for the football legends Pele, Ronaldo and so on. Besides, it is a culturally enriched nation. The easiest way to get citizenship in Brazil is to marry a Brazilian. This system is known as the ‘flexible category’.
The other way is you have to show 2000 dollars as your monthly income. You can live there with two family members. In that case, you have to offer more than 1000 dollar as your earning for each.
In conclusion, living in a foreign country, especially in any developed country, is a dream for many people. People of developing countries dream of going there for a better life for themselves along with their family. Huge chances for earning money is the leading cause behind it.


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