When starting to participate in betting, what is a corner bet is always a big question for many people. Thanks to the simple gameplay, corner kicks have become quite popular with beginners. Down here,New888 Please share some information about this type of bet.

What is a corner kick bet?

First, let’s find out what corner kicks are. Corner bets are popular among bettors with many names such as corner bets or Corners bets. In this type of betting, players do not need to worry about the final score of the match. They only need to care about the number of corners that took place in that match.

Besides, which team takes the first or last corner is also one of the factors in the corner bet. Based on these factors, each bookmaker will offer different types of bets and odds.

Furthermore, the winning rate of this type of bet is very high, the win or loss of the entire match is not the main factor. Therefore, newbies will feel less stressed when predicting corner kick odds online. It can be said that this is the most suitable type of bet for beginners.

Read and understand the popular forms of corner kick betting today 

Now that we have the answer to the question of what corner kicks are, let’s goNew88 Learn about popular corner kick bet types. Like other betting odds, corner kicks also have many different forms and types. Below are 6 forms of betting that bookmakers often offer:

Corner kick over/under bet

This is the keyword that every bettor searches for the most after the keyword “what is a corner kick”. This type of bet is favored by many brothers. When placing a bet, the house will give you 2 options. Depending on your preference, you can choose over/under, or over/under. This type of bet is calculated for the entire match. Depending on the betting odds offered by the house, you can choose as you like.

To explain in simple terms, players will bet on the total number of corners taken in the soccer match. When the number of corners is greater than the odds given by the house, the player will choose Over. On the contrary, if the number of corners is less than the ratio, the player will choose the under.

When there is a good match and the two teams have an attacking style of play, the house’s odds will be higher. Therefore, you need to clearly understand what corner kicks are. Then monitor the time the corner kicks appear, as well as the playing style of both teams when placing bets

1×2 corner kick bet

With the 1×2 corner bet, the house will give the player 3 choices: Win, Lose and Draw. However, for each choice and each match, the house will offer different odds. This form of betting is relatively easy, no need to worry about odds. Therefore, this is also one of the types of bets favored by most players.

Even and odd corner kicks

This is the simplest form of betting among betting genres. With this type of bet, the house will give players two choices: even or odd. You just need to predict the number of corners taken during the football match. After that, you will choose whether the total number of corners is even or odd according to your preference.

First corner kick bet

In this type of bet, the house will let you choose one of the two teams participating in the football match. Players will speculate which team will take the first corner kick and choose.

Final corner bet 

In contrast to the above type of bet, participating players will speculate on which team will take the last corner kick and make their choice. With both types of first and last corner bets, the winning rate is always 50:50, players can bet with confidence.

Corner kick handicap

When there is a large difference in level or ranking between the two participating teams, the house will open this type of bet. With this form of betting, the house will let the player choose which team is the handicap team and which team is the handicapped team.

Depending on the ability of each team, players need to consider carefully when choosing. The number of corners taken and the bookmaker’s handicap are also important factors when placing bets. Thanks to that, players can make their own judgments about the winning and losing teams and choose.

The secret to successful corner kick bettingNew88 

After understanding what a corner kick is, in order to be able to bet on a corner correctly, people need to pay attention to the following points:

Find out in advance the playing styles of the two participating teams 

According to veteran players, finding out information in advance is essential. Including fixed information such as what the corner bet is, to which team will participate in the match. Players need to understand clearly. This will help players have a clear basis to speculate about the match in advance. Most teams with an attacking style of play will create more corner kicks than teams that huddle in the middle of the field.
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Find out the correlation of forces between the two teams

Football matches rarely have both teams of equal talent. Therefore, when placing this type of bet, players should learn in advance about the form and strength of the members of both teams. This also contributes a large amount of information to bettors, helping them make more informed decisions.

Focus on the end of the football game

The end of the match is an important stage that determines victory or defeat

The last thing players need to do is pay attention to the match. During the match, bettors should focus on the last 10 minutes of the match. Because this is the time when both teams try their best to compete for victory. There were a lot of corners created around this time.

Players should also place bets around this time. Because relying only on side information will distract and make players feel confused. Betting after watching most of the match will greatly increase your odds of winning.

Do corner kicks count as overtime?

After understanding what corner kicks are, everyone will probably wonder if betting on corner kicks counts as overtime?

The answer is of course yes. As mentioned in the section on what is a corner kick bet, all bookmakers calculate overtime with corner kick bets. Therefore, everyone can rest assured that if there is a corner kick during this time, the house will still calculate it as usual. Many people have turned from losing to winning thanks to these extra minutes.


Above are the answers to the question of what corner kick betting is and ways to successfully bet on corner kicksNew88 has been collected. Hopefully with this information, you can win and earn more money. Please register an accountNew88 today to bet on your favorite team right now and participate in more exciting games atNew88.

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