Traveling with a Mission: Unveiling Top Volunteering Hotspots

Traveling is so much more than just strolling around streets, seeing majestic monuments, exploring different cultures, and tasting different foods, it’s about experience, it’s about adventure. If you have set upon visiting some far destination, some unraveled gem that it’s too remote or merely too unusual, then you should try volunteering. Approaching volunteering as a way to get immersed with the people, their customs and traditions, as a way to contribute to rebuilding local facilities, giving a helping hand and positively benefit the nation and communities, then you would return from your travels as a rich and fulfilled individual. Traveling with a mission will change your perspective of traveling, and make it a gratifying and thrilling endeavor. Here are some top volunteering hotspots worth visiting.


One of the most populated countries in the world, but somehow one that still has regions that are utterly poor and undeveloped. If you have any expertise in medicine, teaching, or construction capabilities, your help would be more than appreciated in cities such as Jaipur, Delhi, and Kolkata. Volunteers who are passionate about healthcare, and even animal care, can give their contribution by volunteering in hospitals or veterinarian stations to help people in need, boost their healthcare skills, and minimize the rising growth of infectious tramps on the streets. India is a wonderful destination especially as volunteers always have an opportunity to see the Taj Mahal or some other renowned monuments.


Besides rich forests, lush hillsides, amazing wildlife, exciting city life, and stunning beaches, Thailand is a great place to help people in need as well as help protect endangered species. Thailand is home to some of the most adorable elephants, and even if numerous people hope to visit paradise beaches and swim in aquamarine water, others want to volunteer with the elephants or teach young children English in the village of Chiang Mai, Ko Samet, Sing Buri, Umphang and many more. By contacting experienced volunteering organizations such as Involvement Volunteers International you can get direct advice and choose whether you want to help at an elephant conservation, work on a conservation project, volunteer at kindergarten, or similar. Volunteering in Thailand with a professional organization and their program would help you gather some amazing experiences.


Peru is a world of wonder with picturesque nature, one-of-a-kind culture and history, and diverse nations waiting to be explored. And the best way to explore Peru and taste all the delights it offers is by volunteering. People who opt to visit Peru choose Lima, Cusco, or Huancayo as the most popular volunteer cities and it’s merely due to their size and volunteering options. For instance, Peru is ideal for volunteers who aim to work in environmental conservation since it is surrounded by grandiose mountains, lovely sandy beaches, and a luscious Amazon, with an abundance of sustainable projects to be found. The vast Peruvian diversity enables volunteers to get invested in ecotourism and promote sustainability along the way, hence enabling visitors to embark on any volunteering project that involves promoting cultural heritage and educating people who would like to take on a similar opportunity.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica can brag about having some of the most versatile flora and fauna in the entire world, and with that in mind, it’s become a volunteering hotspot over the last decade. Costa Rica has thick rainforests, golden coasts, amazing wildlife, enchanting volcanic peaks, and some of the unique biodiversity that exudes magic along the way. From the Pacific Coast to the Caribbean Coast, volunteers can find numerous projects to work on, and some of the most asked-for programs include a turtle conservation project and teaching English. The first offers a genuine opportunity to help some of the rarest sea turtle species on Earth such as hawksbill, olive ridley, green, and leatherback sea turtles. Volunteer work entails cleaning the beaches from waste, tagging sea turtles for counting, rebuilding hatcheries for the eggs, etc. Besides volunteering along the gorgeous coastlines of Costa Rica, you can go snorkeling, hiking, or just unwinding.


Among other African countries, Kenya welcomes more tourists and volunteers than any other. What makes Kenya a fantastic place to fuse traveling with volunteering is the abundant wildlife, misty surroundings, one-of-a-kind culture, eclectic cities, and smiley people. Although Kenya seeks all the help it can get related to wildlife conservation and environmental protection, the biggest help revolves around education and healthcare. Vast assistance is needed from the volunteers around HIV prevention, nursing, and alleviating health protection. However, by visiting Kenya you would have the chance to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, explore Neirobi, and explore the huge Serengeti National Park and see some of the wildest animal creatures on the globe.

Travel with a mission to see the world, gain a new perspective in life, meet new people make friends for life, and above all – give back to people in need. What more can you ask for?

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