Sports said that Serbia shared the points despite leading two goals in the 2022 World Cup

At times leading 3-1, but Serbia could not preserve and draw with Cameroon 3-3 in the second round of Group G World Cup 2022, on the afternoon of November 28. That is the information that Vn88 mobile posted right after the end of the match.

At Al Janoub Stadium, both teams are determined to win the first points at the 2022 World Cup. In the opening match, Serbia lost 0-2 to Brazil, while Cameroon lost 0-1 to Switzerland.

Present at the yard, the reporter of Vn88cx said: Serbia entered the game coherently and proactively in about 20 minutes. The European representative finished three times in a row towards the goal of goalkeeper Devis Epassy. In which, Aleksandar Mitrovic once hit the column.

Attacking heavily, Serbia suddenly conceded the first goal. In the corner kick in the 29th minute, midfielder Jean-Charles Castellotto cushioned the ball close to the goal to open the score for Cameroon.

This is Cameroon’s first goal at the World Cup since 2014. In 2018, the team nicknamed “Indomitable Lions” did not win tickets to attend.

After the opening goal, Cameroon played confidently, causing Serbia to start to retreat in defense. However, this change did not last too long. Serbia quickly proved the value of experienced players on the European stage. Commentator of Vn88 sports newspaper shared.

In the first minute of injury time, the 34-year-old star is wearing Ajax shirt, Dusan Tadic corner kick into the penalty area. Left-back Strahinja Pavlovic bounced high and headed into the far corner to equalize for Serbia. Two minutes later, Lazio midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic scored with a left-footed cannon shot from 17 yards, putting Serbia ahead.

The coach quickly shared with newspaper to continue the excitement, Serbia dominated after the break. Meanwhile, Cameroon felt like breaking the game, constantly revealing space for the opponent to get on the ball. 54 minutes, Serbia scored the third goal. The white shirt players coordinated well to put the ball into the 5m50 area of ​​Cameroon, letting the striker of the Fulham Mitrovic club cushion the empty goal.

For the first time, Serbia scored more than two goals in a World Cup match. In 2006, 2010 and 2018, the team split from the former Yugoslavia even finished the tournament with a maximum of only two goals.

However, Vn88 mobile actively played slack and unintentionally created conditions for Cameroon’s revival. In the 64th minute, substitute Aboubakar broke the offside trap and hit the ball to shorten the score to 2-3. And just two minutes later, when the fans had not yet “digested” Aboubakar’s goal, Cameroon scored again from a counter-attack. Striker is wearing Bayern shirt, Choupo-Moting cushions the ball close to the wall to level the score 3-3.

After Choupo-Moting’s equalizer, the match became more even. Serbia could not regain the excitement like at the end of the first half and at the beginning of the second half. They had one more chance, but Mitrovic failed to beat goalkeeper Epassy.

The draw holds the two teams in the race to the 1/8 round. They continue to place third and fourth in Group G, with the same point. Meanwhile, Brazil and Switzerland ranked above with three points until the confrontation on the evening of November 28.

Similar to every World Cup, at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the players will use a new ball. The participating teams never want the most important item of the tournament to behave in unexpected ways, so the organizers need to put a lot of work to ensure that each ball brings a familiar feel to the bridge. player. John Eric Goff, a professor at Lynchburg University, specializes in sports physics. Every four years, he analyzes a new World Cup ball sample to find out what helps create the perfect ball for the king’s sport.

Between shots on goal, free kicks and long passes, many memorable moments in football happen when the ball is in the air. So one of the many most important characteristics of football is the way the ball moves through the air. As the ball moves, a thin layer of mostly still air called the boundary layer surrounds several locations on the ball. Analyst Vn88 at low speed, this boundary layer will only cover the front of the ball. In this case, the movement of the air behind the ball is called laminar flow.

However, when the ball moves fast, the boundary layer covers more around the ball. As the airflow separates from the surface of the ball, it follows a series of swirls. This process is called turbulence. When calculating how much force the moving air transfers to a moving object, physicists use a term called drag coefficient. At a given speed, the higher the drag coefficient, the more drag the object experiences.

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