Using Construction Bidding Software for Increased Win Rates

It doesn’t matter how passionate or skilled your company is at construction if you don’t get jobs. If your bid win rates are low, then you have a problem. Perhaps you are quoting too high or low, your timelines are unrealistic, you aren’t coming across professional enough or you are bidding on the wrong types of projects. In any case, the best way to increase your win rates is to use bidding software for construction. Let’s explore why.

Project scope

If you are not bidding on the right projects, then it is no wonder you are not winning them. Some projects need specialized skills, equipment, products or licenses to be able to carry them out. If your company doesn’t have them, then bidding on the project will be a waste of time and money. Bidding software for construction can compare your previous work with the project scope to help you determine whether you should put in a bid or not.


Once you have decided on which projects to bid for, you need to create an accurate quantity take-off. These can be rather time-consuming and difficult to do. With bidding software for construction, they can be completed in 80% less time and when the bids have stringent due dates this is important. They must be completed quickly but accurately, or your bids will fail.


Even though you’ve chosen the right project and prepared a great take-off, unless your bid looks professional then you’re not going to be in with much of a chance still. With bidding software for construction, you can personalize your bid, adding the construction company’s logo and its styling to your proposal. Your construction bids will stand out amongst your competitors’ and build you a reputation as a Building Manager that wins bids.


Through the use of bidding software for construction you can repeat your bid winning success over and over again; saving you time, money and wasted effort. Construction management software like the Buildxact version can be accessed anywhere you have internet access, and it will become your go to for everything to do with construction projects. It can store all the details of the project from the people involved, blueprints, materials and equipment, as well as all the project communications and you can manage everything from one platform, including the finances.


To see how bidding software for construction can help you win more bids, you can request a demonstration, or you can try a 14-day free trial. It won’t take you long to understand the benefits of bidding software and how it can save you time and money, make your bids more accurate and professional whilst offering you so much more.

Good bid winning rates are important for a construction company to thrive. With bidding software for construction, you can increase your win rate while saving you time and money. So, contact the team at Buildxact today to start winning more construction project bids the quicker, easier and more accurate way.

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