Tips To Help You Avoid Defaulting On Your Tata Capital Personal Loan

Making mistakes with your personal loan repayment could have two negative effects. If you don’t pay your EMI on time, your credit score can deteriorate, and the lender might assess late fines. The worst-case scenario is a 5 lakh loan default, which is indicated in the loan statement, when EMI payments are consistently missed.

Since many borrowers have the same issues completing their EMI payments, it is imperative to know what you can do to prevent defaulting on your personal loan. By adhering to the suggested practises, you can manage your EMIs, avoid personal loan default, and protect your financial stability:

Any fixed-income investments that aren’t assisting you in reaching your financial goals should be sold.

Locating any fixed-income assets, such as recurrent deposits, debt funds, or fixed deposits, that aren’t intended for urgent financial goals is one of the first and most important things tata capital personal loan borrowers may do when they are having trouble making their EMI payments. The long-term returns on these fixed-income assets are usually lower than those on other asset types, particularly equities. The interest rates paid on personal loans and even the least expensive loan options provided by lenders are frequently far higher than the interest earned on these types of assets. Selling your low-yielding fixed-income investments may be able to help you if you are having trouble making your personal loan EMI payments. By doing this, you might be able to keep your 5 lakh loan from defaulting and keep a clean Loan Statement.

Contact the lender to request a term extension for the Bank Personal Loan.

A borrower may find it challenging to make their current EMI payments due to variables including a decline in monthly income or an increase in the EMI of an existing loan due to a rise in lending rates, such as tata capital personal loan interest rates. To obtain a reduced personal loan EMI in this circumstance, the borrower has the choice to request that the lender prolong the loan term. The borrower may find it simpler to make the smaller EMI payment and keep the loan in its existing state as a result. Even though extending the loan term would result in higher interest payments, borrowers can try to pay off the loan early if they have extra funds in order to reduce the total cost of interest.

Use the money in your emergency fund to pay your EMI.

It is advised to begin and maintain an emergency fund that is at least six times your fixed and recurring monthly expenses, such as rent, SIP payments, and 5 lakh loan EMIs. You never know when something unforeseen will occur in life, such as being sick or losing your job without warning. In the event of such an unforeseeable financial catastrophe, a borrower may find it difficult to repay their loan, which could cause them to stop paying their EMI payments. You could handle any of these situations if you had a sizable emergency fund. If you are unable to make your loan payments because you need the money for another purpose, you may decide to utilise your emergency fund to pay off your personal loan EMIs. This will prevent the terms “default” or “delay” from appearing on the tata capital personal loan Statement.

Change lenders if you want a personal loan from a bank with a lower interest rate.

If personal borrowers are unable to make the EMI payments on their present loans, they may be able to lower their costs by moving their debt to a different lender. Before choosing a lender, it is a good idea to compare their personal loan interest rates, loan periods, processing fees, and other aspects. Choose the lender with the most accommodating loan service terms and lowest interest rate next. If you did this, your personal loan EMIs would be less expensive, and you could pay the lower EMIs. Keep in mind that the new lender may treat your request as a new 5 lakh loan application and charge fees, such as a processing fee, if you opt to proceed with the balance transfer. Make sure you will save a considerable amount of interest overall before transferring your balance to prevent having the advantages of doing so negated.

Consolidate your debt if you so want.

Borrowers of 5 lakh loan frequently experience difficulty making their monthly payments, especially if they have a lot of Loan Statements. When there are gaps in their income or a lack of funds, it may be difficult for the borrower to make timely payments on many EMIs with different interest rates and due dates. These borrowers have the choice to consolidate their debt so they just have to make one EMI at a lower personal loan interest rate rather than numerous at different rates.

A house loan top-up, which often offers interest rates that are much lower than those of other loan types, including personal loans, may be available to people who already have a home loan. Borrowers may utilise the funds from the top-up loan to pay off other loans early. As a result, they won’t have to worry about paying back a bunch of pricey debts; only their home loan and top-up loan.

A person can still look into secured credit choices like loans against gold or real estate if they don’t have a mortgage but still have the necessary collateral and are having trouble repaying pricey loans like personal loans, business loans, etc.

These loans often have affordable interest rates. These high-interest loans can be repaid early using the money from a loan you get using one of these strategies.


Tata capital personal loan often help us close financial gaps or accomplish a variety of financial goals. Additionally, because it is now easier to obtain loans and have access to online loan statements, many people now find themselves owing many loans at once or throughout the course of their working life, including personal loans, home loans, auto loans, etc. It’s crucial to understand and follow the following recommendations if you wish to make appropriate EMI payments considering that personal loans are frequently unsecured and have higher interest rates than other loans.

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