Stop Cutting Trees, Use the Alternatives and Eventually Safe the Environment and Oxygen Supply

We all are aware that trees provide us with wood. The demand for wood is increasing because wood is the one building material that can reduce climate change—things such as houses, furniture, bridges, fences and much more need wood. Wood is a positive carbon material as well as it acts as natural insulation. Even though wood is a renewable material, yet scientists are looking for alternatives to wood.
Things That Have the Ability to Act as An Alternative to Wood
As the wood comes from the tree, more trees are cut for wood. And the rate of trees cut is less than the rate of wood required. As a result, the numbers of trees in the world is declining to a greater extent. Plants provide oxygen, food as well as plants are the homes for many birds and animals. Due to the demand for wood, many birds and animals extended. So till now, scientists found many alternatives to wood.
According to research, hemp is quite a fast-growing crop. Even it is sustainable. Hemp can generate more construction-grade fibre per acre than any other trees or crops. It acts as a substitute for lumber. However, many people use it as an alternative to many other materials. When researchers measured hemp’s medium density, they found that it is two times stronger than wood.
Most people use bamboo as a replacement for wood. Many people don’t know that bamboo is the world’s most useful plant. Like hemp, it is also growing in less time; however, it isn’t strong as hemp. Still, bamboo can be used for making furniture and many more construction materials.
In most cases, soy is used as an insulator, paint strippers, carpet backing and many more. However, you can’t say it is an excellent alternative to wood. Still, it is a safer alternative. It could make products that are made of traditional wood safer. There are many dangerous chemicals globally, such as glues, formaldehyde, and other solvents, which can be replaced using soy-based chemicals.
Plastic wood
Plastic wood is one of the growing segments in the industry. It doesn’t require any maintenance. However, plastic wood doesn’t look like wood thoroughly, and it has its differences. Yet, it can be used as a helpful substitution of wood for many purposes.

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Wood Composites
Wood composites are made of composite materials combined with wood and recycled plastics or other components. It is sustainable. And you can use it to build a fence or other things that require actual wood. Also, wood composites are pretty strong.
Not many people are aware that newspapers can be an alternative to wood. People use newspapers to make fiberboard products required to make roof decking and other things in many countries. And, this is why more people are encouraged to recycle newspaper instead of throwing them away. And the newspaper is relatively cheap so that you can save the Earth more cheaply.
The purpose of all these alternatives is to reduce the usage of wood. And scientists believe that one day these alternatives can replace wood completely.

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