Regarding the Higher Education Asian Countries are not Less Other Western Countries

Asia is the most populous continent as well as it is the world’s largest continent. The total population of the continent is around 5 billion. Each country in Asia is famous in its ways. For example, Thailand is famous for its fantastic food and weather. The urban attraction and the shopping malls make Hongkong attractive. And Columbia has a lot of fame for its beaches. Asian countries also have many good universities.
When people hear the words “good universities”, they think that the universities will be costly. And studying in a different country becomes more costly because of the extra living cost. However, not all good universities in Asia costly. Some universities have a lot of fame because they are reasonable as well as budget-friendly.
Văn Lang University
Amongst the list of low tuition university, Văn Lang University holds the top place. It is in Vietnam. Vietnam is in the southeast part of Asia and a commercial country with a low living cost. The university provides 30 undergraduates as well as seven post-graduate degrees. The renowned faculties are Biotechnology, Medicine, Social Sciences, Finance etc. The cost of tuition for any international student is around $1,290.
University of Gadjah Mada
The University of Gadjah Mada is in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the beautiful countries in Asia. Most educational institutions are budget-friendly for all people. The university is one of the cheapest university which offers mind-blowing facilities. The tuition fee start varies from $1500-$2000, depends on the type of course you choose. And there is an application fee also, which is around $90.
Chiang Mai University
Thailand is famous for its beautiful nature. Thailand is also popular for its budget-friendly universities. And the Chiang Mai University of Thailand is the most famous among students who want to study in a low tuition university. Till now, the university has 20 faculties along with one college. All the university fields of study are popular, but the most famous ones are Sciences, Architecture, Engineering, health sciences and Agriculture. Any international can study within $1,005- $1500.
University of Malaya
Malaysia is one of the most visited countries. Because of its education. If you obtain a degree from any university in Malaysia, you will get recognition in the Europe, United States and the UK. And the University of Malaya is your ideal choice if you have a low budget. Its tuition fee is meagre yet offers quality education. There is a range of programs for you to choose from a variety. Per semester can cost up to $3000, although this depends on the course you will take.
Lanzhou University
Most people don’t want to go to China because of its food. However, the education of this country is in high esteem. Lanzhou University is in china, and it is cheap. The university is based on research. It has 35 research institutes, six national research centres. As well as four laboratories. Per academic year requires $2,500 -5,250.
Asian educational institutions have the best learning environment. So it will be a wise option to study in Asia.


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