Minecraft Alternatives in 2020 Best Picks

Mincraft Alternatives in 2020

As you know, Minecraft is a well-known game nowadays in our youth. Gamers love to play this game because now they are addicted. Minecraft takes place in top games of the Worlds as they have around 30 million active users globally.

However, we received a lot of queries about the best alternatives of Minecraft because there are thousands of users they are not able to play this game because of their out of fashion smartphones.

Mincraft Alternatives in 2020

For the above purpose, we did in-depth research and found the best alternatives of Minecraft.

So, let’s start to discuss one by one all the alternatives of Minecraft that we have listed below.

1. Roblox

Roblox is one of the well-known game around the World that has a quite large fanbase even more than Minecraft. As per our research, Roblox has more than 100 million active users that are 70% more than Minecraft.

The developers of Roblox made this game based on the Virtual World, or you can say the imagination of our thinking. In this game, you’re free to do anything like you can create unique creations also optimise current productions.

For this purpose, you have to use virtual currency name Robux. Roblox developers introduce Robux. In the start, some robux will be provided to you free. For more unique creations you have to purchase more robux that is quite expensive.

While you don’t have to worry about robux because we are providing you Roblox MOD APK Unlimited Robux Apk 2020, by downloading that version, you will get unlimited Robux in android. So, use it for purchasing infinite things without facing any difficulty. So, if you have decided to play Roblox, then we provided a MOD version of this game as a gift.

Hopefully, you got complete information about Roblox. Now, it is time to discuss our second alternative of Minecraft. Let’s start.


Terraria is also one of the famous game same as Minecraft. On play store, a full version is available of Terraria. You can build buildings, houses and other infrastructure.

While it is paid app, so you have to pay some bucks if you want to play this game, there is no free version of this app available in the market. It is designed especially for android users.

The Gameplay of this game is unique; you have to do fight for survival. If you want to king, then you have to win a lot of battles from other kings. For this purpose, you can select your army from your country. You need a lot of weapons, money and food for the fight. Again you have to pay some bucks for making your army sturdy and built your nation to compete with other modern countries in this game.

However, there are few recommendations by the developers of this game. They recommend you must have a minimum of 2 GB Ram and android phone from 2014 or latest. Your phone must have upgraded to 4.3 or updated version with HD Graphics while you can enjoy the graphics of this game as much as your phone has high Ram and Procesor.

Now we will discuss our third alternative of Minecraft, which is Guncrafter. So, let’s start.


It is also one of the popular game in youth. You can do fun by creating buildings and even destroy them with firearms. In this game, you can use different types of materials to craft your gun. You can create more powerful or vice versa. It all depends on your mind’s sharpness and your creative skills.

Here is a tip for you. If you want to make your gun more powerful, then you should follow other players who have sharp weapons. Check which kind of materials and accessories are they using. Follow them and do the same. By doing this, you can give strength to your weapons and beat competitors in face to face fight. In the start, start a fight with the less competitive player and beat them. So, you will get rewards then use those rewards to make your gun reliable. Hopefully, you will get our point. Still, you need any help then comment at the end of this article.

There are two versions of this game one is free, and other is paid. In the free version, you will get fewer rewards. However, in the paid version, you will get unlimited rewards and all the accessories to make your gun stronger as compare to other players. It has 10 million installs from Google Play Store with a rating of 4.3.

So, we hope you enjoyed this content. Now, we will discuss our 4th alternative of Minicraft that is Delver. So, let’s start.


Delver game is defined as one of the close alternatives of Minecraft. In this game, you have to crawl where you can face a big monster, and you have to fight with them for glory. After beating them, you will get rewards in the shape of coins. Also, your lever will be upgraded after each win with a monster. In this game, you can also use RPG, which is quite better than Minecraft RPG as per gaming lovers.

However, in this game, you will never get a chance to build buildings as you can do in Minecraft. Although the elements of sandbox, HD graphics and other accessories of this game are the same as Minecraft.

If you are an experienced gamer, then there is a death mode where you will get only one life, and you have to fight by risking the life of your player. It is where people love it.

One more thing about this game is It is paid that makes it less famous as compared to Minecraft and other games. However, still, it has 100 thousand installs which are not great but a good number.

Hopefully, you love this content. These were our four different alternatives of Minecraft.


As we give a detailed review of all these four alternatives of Minecraft. Now it is your choice which you like the most. As per our research, we found Roblox a better alternative of Minecraft. Kindly let us know what’s your feedback about today’s content. Thanks for reading this piece of content. Also, do share with your friends and get their opinions about these alternatives of Minecraft.

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