Japan Government Welcomes Students from All the Corners of the World to Obtain Higher Degrees

Japan is an Asian country. And as a matter of fact, Japan has the world’s oldest company. In Japan, you get to see a lot of mountains. There is an island in Japan named Rabbit Island. Japanese people are fond of Anti-ninja floors. Many amines, cartoon display the beauty of Japan. It is quite a traditional country and an excellent place to visit. Even it is a good country for students.
Universities That Are Best for International Students in Japan
Even though Japan is a traditional country, its education system is quite praise-worthy. In Japan, most of the people are educated. Many international students are fond of Japan and their universities. The not all University of Japan is suitable for international students. However, some universities in Japan are fit for international students.
University of Tokyo
The University of Tokyo is the first national university in Japan, and it is one of the reasons behind its fame. It consists of 10 faculties and five graduate schools and allows students to change their campus throughout their whole university journey. The education system of th university is praise-worthy. And because of its outstanding facilities, international students are fond of this university.
Osaka University
Osaka University is like a home for international students. Over 2,000 international students are studying at this university. Even there are more than 15,000 undergraduate students and 8,000 graduated students present at Osaka University. After hearing this, you can guess by now that the university is quite large. You can find your perfect subject to study in the university.
Hokkaido University
Hokkaido University holds the ranking of no. 7 on the list of top universities. The former name of the University was Sapporo Agricultural College. And it was the first higher education institution in Japan. The university is famous for its research facilities and many events in the university for both international and national students. Moreover, any international students can get into the university to get their Bachelor degree.
Kyushu University
Kyushu University is also one of the oldest university in Japan. But there is a saying, “old is gold”. The university holds more than 18,000 students. The campus is quite large. However, there are only nine teachers on each campus. The degree from this university is quite famous around the world.
University of Tsukuba
The University of Tsukuba holds more than a third research institute in Japan. And the university’s primary focus is to attract international students. And their international studies are famous around the world. You can say all brilliant students come out of the university. Till now, more than 70 students of the university participated in the Olympic Games.
Tohoku University
Last but not least, there is Tohoku University. The university is mainly based on research about next-generation medicine. The university is actually in Sendai. Tohoku University allows graduates and women from technical schools to enroll.
Japan is an excellent country for higher education. Not only the universities are reasonable, their culture, food is also famous. You will get to experience a lot of things by living in Japan.

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