Interesting facts about perfumes


Here we have something really interesting to share and this is about perfumes, colognes and scents whatever you call it. It will be fun to discover some funny, weird and interesting facts about perfumes and fragrances.


So what’s the hold up for? Take a quick look below:

1. Perfume stays on the scalp longer than on skin

Yes, you heard it right, perfumes don’t stay long on the skin as compared to the scalp. These top men’s cologne has high longevity, still, we should apply it on the scalp rather than skin. Our scalp tends to be oily and that’s what holds the perfume longer. On the skin, perfume wears off after a certain time.

2- Perfumes wear off quick on dry skin

It has been tried and tested that perfume doesn’t stay longer and sits well on dry skin type. Whereas if you will moisturize your skin well and then apply your perfume then it will sit well on your skin for sure.

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3- When Perfume effects oppositely

Perfumes leave a pleasant effect on your skin but do you know when it starts effecting oppositely and negatively. If you rub your skin after applying a scent then it will start affecting in a negative way. So avoid doing so if you practice this ritual.

4- Perfume stays longer on pulse points

Yes on pulse points perfume stays longer, so it is suggested to wear the perfume on wrists, behind the ears, knees and neck area.

5- Perfume can be puzzling for your nose

In certain situations perfumes can confuse your nose, when you wear your other beauty products and your perfume at the same time then it can confuse your nose.

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6- Perfumes (some of them) have animal ingredients

There are some certain fragrances that contain animal ingredients. Ambergris is known as one of the raw materials used in perfumery it is something related to the intestines of the sperm of whale. Besides that civet is an ingredient that is extracted by the faeces of the cat.  

7- Perfume literally transforms your mood

Smelling a perfume can really alter your mood, it makes you feel pleased and relaxed too. It activates your brain cells and your brain responds positively towards the alluring aroma

8- Perfumes are made up synthetic essences

Now in this age synthetic fragrances are made and used. Gone are the days when perfumes were made with original essences.

9- Men’s perfumes are also used by women

Men’s perfumes are not just worn by men rather a majority of women also wear them. It has been observed that women feel no hesitation to wear men’s fragrance.

10- Perfume can be smelt differently on different occasions

Perfumes leave a different effect in different climates and seasons. The same fragrance is smelt differently in summer and winter season.

11- Perfume tend to stay longer on the skin than on clothes

Many people apply perfumes on their clothes and then end up complaining it wears off very soon. The reason is perfume tends to wear off quickly on clothes whereas it stays longer on your skin. So you better spray it on your skin directly.

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