How to Make Your House Look More Expensive

As homeowners, we spend hours, and hundreds if not thousands of pounds perfecting the interior of our home. And while sometimes we might be on a restricted budget, we still want our homes to look as expensive as they can. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to make your house look more expensive.

Update Your Light Fixtures:

Lighting is such an important element to any household. The way you decide to illuminate your property can dramatically alter the way it is perceived by not only yourself, but guests and potentially prospective buyers. And although the placement of and type of lighting you have in your home matters (such as whether you use incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs or colour changing fixtures), the fixtures you use are also equally important too. A quick and easy way to make your home look more expensive is to update your old light fixtures. For example, choosing to add a pendant light fixture above the dining room in your home is a great way to make a space look more expensive, or alternatively, you can add a grand floor lamp to add a sense of chicness to your home.

Incorporate Monochrome Exterior:

The exterior of your house can say a lot about your property. It’s the first impression everyone has of your home and is therefore one of the more important aspects to keep an eye on in terms of how it appears. Additionally, curb appeal is a huge factor when it comes to selling your house, as prospective buyers will either be enticed or turned off by your exterior. A great way to make the outside of your home have a timeless elegance is to stick with a monochromatic theme for the exterior. The beauty of this hack is that it’s relatively inexpensive too, as all you will need to do is paint your front door, and then add in some statement pieces that are monochrome.

Use Neutral Tones Inside:

We hate to say it, but sometimes too much colour inside your home can seem a little harsh on the eye. Therefore, a great alternative is to use neutral tones throughout the interior of your home. This way, your home will appear more expensive. Having a neutral tone in your home will give the property a seemingly perfect finish, especially if it’s well decorated in the interior and any woodwork is prepped and finished to perfection.

Add in Textiles:

If you’re going to have neutral tones in your home, then a great way to break up the space is to add different textures throughout your home. This way you can break up the space while also making it look more cohesive and adding in layers to the area. A way you can do this is to either add textured cushions to the space or hang drapes that stand out against the neutral tones.

Have Long Curtains:

An easy way to make your home scream grandeur is by the length of curtains you have. Having curtains that drape all the way to the floor is a great way to add luxury to the room, in a simple and can add an expensive touch to your home.

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