Heavens for Chocolate Lovers in 2021; One Can Find the Right Delicacy of Chocolate on these Lands

Most people in the world are fond of chocolate. It is not only for kids but also many adults like chocolate more than any kid. Chocolate comes from cacao seeds. And, eating chocolates have a lot of benefits. The most obvious one is that chocolate makes a person happy. Chocolate is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants. So the probability of a person getting heart diseases will be lower.
However, not all country can make chocolate. Because the weather, environment of every country is different. Cacao trees are susceptible; as a result, they can only grow in certain climates. Many companies of most countries have to import cocoa bean from the countries that make chocolate. Some countries in the world make the best chocolate so that this information can attract all the chocolate-lovers.
Belgium is a country of chocolate. The country makes the most delicious chocolate in the world. Moreover, most people visit Belgium to try their fantastic chocolate. You will find a chocolate store in every corner of the country. There are around 2000 chocolate stores in the country. Belgium prepares chocolate in a different way which is why it is so unique. While making chocolate, the chocolate is cooled down at the end of the process. As a result, the aroma remains more. Most of the chocolate produced in Belgium is handcrafted.

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Switzerland is a beautiful country. Apart from its beauty, their chocolate is also really famous. Swiss chocolate is famous all around the world. Even though the country’s climate isn’t suitable for cacao plants’ production, the country found a way to produce fantastic chocolate. The most popular Swiss chocolate is Lindt.

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Ecuador is a small nation in South America full of Galapagos Islands. This tiny nation’s cacao beans of Ecuador is the best ones in th world. 63% of the world’s best cacao is made in Ecuador. In the last few years, Ecuador started making its chocolate. There is a brand named Paraci which itself has a lot of international awards for being the best chocolate makers.
United Kingdom
Cadbury is a famous brand, and almost every person is familiar with it. Most of us love it because of its fantastic taste. About the origin, Cadbury was originated in the United Kingdom. At first, the brand used to sell tea, drinking chocolate and coffee. In 1950 Cadbury started selling the famous dairy milk chocolate.
Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast is commonly known as the leader in producing and exporting cocoa beans. Their all types of chocolates, such as pralines, bars, etc., are famous locally and internationally.
For both coffee and chocolate lovers, Italy is like heaven. Amadei is the most famous chocolate producer in Italy. Producers bring their cocoa directly from growers to make their chocolate, and their chocolate tastes so good and classy.

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Eating chocolate is good for the skin as well. However, excess chocolate can give you a lot of cavities along with pleasure. It is good to treat yourself, but not too much!

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