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A little nation called Bhutan is situated in South Central Asia. The Himalayan eastern hills are also known as the Kingdom of Buddha. They are renowned for their magnificent scenery and forts. Bhutan is frequently referred to as the “land of thunder dragons.” refers to

“Druk Yul” as well. Their beauty is undeniable given the surrounding environment. Bhutan is naturally endowed with beauty.

Bhutan is home to towering mountains, lush valleys, endless forests, and miles of rivers. Everywhere you look, you can see the variation of the land, each bringing its own unique beauty. The country’s untouched and pristine natural environment lends itself brilliantly to trekking, camping or simply appreciating its spectacular beauty.

Bhutanese people celebrate various festivals throughout the year, often related to spiritual or cultural themes. Such festivities involve colorful dances, music, traditional costumes, and feasting. These large gatherings celebrate the country’s art and culture, while also bringing people together to mark important holidays and commemorate special milestones.

Such festivals are – 


It is considered one of the most beautiful Tshechu in western Bhutan. It is the participation of thousands of people from neighboring districts to be a part of this festival. 


It is a one-day event celebration at Gangtey Gonpa in Wangdurphodrang district each year on 11th November. 


It is a festival to honor Padmasambhava also known as Guru Rinpoche every year with the most respect through colors and foods and mask dance. 

These are only some of the festivals, to know more you must go in-depth and for this, you should choose DrukAsia for your Bhutan tour plans

Why should you choose DrukAsia? 

They are the leading travel company in Bhutan and offer expertise both on the ground and in the Air. All their tours are customized to meet the needs of the client and feature a combination of sightseeing, cultural visits, and natural explorations. DrukAsia has expert local guides who make sure that the traveler has an authentic experience while in Bhutan.

They are licensed by DrukAir and operating their services since 2009.

For the past 14 years, they have provided thousands of services to tourists and are prioritizing their needs, while touring in Bhutan. They have so many varieties of Bhutan tour packages. They are 100% customizable according to your budget and what you want to see. All their teams are well knowledgeable and they love their job as it is their way to represent Bhutan to the world. 

Their festival tour packages are specially for those who want to know about the diverse festivals. It is a great way to know a country’s roots. 

They have other tour packages to let you enjoy different and unique options are also present. Their website has a depth description for each package. It is suggested to check the websites for further details. 

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