6 iOS 15 Features I Want on Android!

There are two types of people; a kind of people are into android phones. And a different type of people loves iOs. And the demand for iOs is increasing rapidly with time. And each year, Apple releases a new version of the iOs operating system. And the new iOs caught everyone’s attention. Even people who are android users are also interested in the new iOs. The new iOs is commonly known as iOs 15.

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Some people might wonder why people are so interested in iOs 15. Because the iOs 15 is full of new and exciting features. Let’s get to know about some of the most exciting and new features present in iOs 15.

  1. Redesigned Notifications

“Redesigned Notifications” is one of the most hyped features of iOs 15. So now people can add contact photos for people as well as one can add larger icons for apps. And to reduce the distraction caused by notification, the new iOs has a unique ability. The Is 15 has a notification summary, which tends to collect statements and keep them together. And when the time is appropriate, it delivers them. It also arranges all the notification according to priority.

  1. “Focus” For Reducing Distractions

The new feature focus can filter notifications and apps. And this function is entirely based on what you wish to focus on at a specific time. For example, if you block incoming notifications, all your status will be there to others in messages. So in this way, you won’t be distracted during your working hours. And you will find that the New iOs will suggest a different focus based on other occasions. Even you can custom your guide according to your preferences.

  1. Added Privacy Features.

Everyone wants a phone with a more significant amount of privacy. And the new iOs has many new privacy measures. And the new privacy measures include processing Siri that requests directly on the iPhone. And this is beneficial for better responsiveness. Another new privacy measures are Mail Privacy Protection which stops email opening automatically. Last but not least, there is an App Privacy Report view to show the number of apps that use granted permissions.

  1. ID Cards in Wallet App

In iOs, the wallet app has many new added features. For example, the wallet app has key types for hotel rooms, homes or offices. Even you can add your driver’s license or U.S state ID to the Wallet app.

  1. Redesigned Maps

The resigned maps have a new option where you can view cities in 3D. And the 3D view will have a good amount of details. As a result, you can see all the buildings, roads, crosswalks, pedestrian and many more.

  1. Text Recognition in Images

Text Recognition in Images is known as Live Text. The new feature involves the recognition of any text through any photo. Even you can find someone’s location with the help of an image. You can get better results by using web image search.

All these new features are very convenient as well as helpful. And of course, the new iOs 15 is better than androids or any other types of phones.

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