3 Easy Ways to Create a Great Culture for your Business

A strong company culture is the backbone of a thriving business. It sets you up for success in many ways: It improves employee retention, makes recruiting easier, encourages everyday processes to run smoother, and lays a solid foundation for long term success.

A company’s culture pertains to the business’s behaviors, values, and goals. It is the framework that dictates workflow, decisions, and how employees work together.

A study done by Deloitte in 2018 showed that 88% of employees believe a distinct corporate culture is important to a business’ success.

Creating a good culture is no small task. Where do you start?

Here are three major ways you can create a company culture that works for you and your employees. 

Show Employees How Valued They Are

No one wants to work their hardest and feel like it’s gone unnoticed. When employees reach major milestones or complete big projects, show your gratitude in a way that feels appropriate to the company. This may come in the form of a bonus, gift certificate, paid lunch or dinner, etc.

You can also focus on this day-to-day. Are they getting the proper tools to get their job done? Are you offering proper health insurance and an appropriate amount of PTO?

A major part of good company culture is listening. Listen when employees have concerns, and also be proactive in asking if they are in need of anything.

One thing you can do to help employees that will also grow your business is to enact employee referrals, which employees will be a lot more likely to do if they are happy in their working environment.

Have Clear Goals

It’s hard to put your best foot forward in work when you have no idea who or what you’re working for or toward.

Companies with clearly outlined goals and mission statements tend to do much better than those that don’t have them.

Be sure to make familiarity with the company’s mission and goals a part of your onboarding process.

On a smaller level, have managers clearly define task goals to their team members.

Once you set an expectation to have goals outlined at the very root of things, that will only grow and reach into all branches of the company

Constantly Evaluate

No business can get very far if it is not always considering how it might evolve to keep up not only with its market, but itself.

Take a look at your work processes. Have they been in place with little to no change for a very long time? Consider how you might be able to tweak them in order to make things easier.

When is the last time you did an employee survey, or asked yourself the same questions you’d ask for an evaluating employee? This not only helps with evaluation, but leans into making employees feel heard and valued.

The world at large is constantly evolving, so it only makes sense that your company should do the same. Scheduling quarterly evaluations will keep the eyes you have on your business fresh.

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