Upcoming animated movie to have Sonam Kapoor’s Voice

Sonam Kapoor to dub voice for the upcoming animation movie.

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Sonam Kapoor, who is known for her unique roles and fashion statement has something new to surprise her audience. Amid the ongoing hype of the India’s chick flick Veerey Di Wedding, Sonam Kapoor diverts the attention of the viewers towards an animation movie. If reports are to be believed, she is going to lend her voice for one of the characters in the forthcoming animation movie.

Sonam Kapoor to give her voice for the animation movieNot much has been revealed about the details of the animation movie. They have been kept under cover as of now. This animation movie was brought to Sonam Kapoor as a web series. She was busy with the work and she suggested the makers to convert it into a film. Earlier it was a movie for just the modern digital platforms but now it has been converted into a proper Hindi movie.

The movie revolves around a lead female character, whose voice will be provided by Sonam Kapoor. It depicts the struggle of a girl who beats all the prejudices and restrictions of the society to eventually come up as a successful lady. As per reports Sonam Kapoor have to find good 20 days to provide dubbing for the movie. She will start dubbing for the movie by next month. Most probably, she is going to start working for this movie by the first week of the April.

This animation movie is expected to release next year but no dates have been specified yet. It sounds like an interesting project but details of the movie are still awaited.



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