Top Beauty & Makeup apps for girls 2017


Top Beauty & Makeup apps for girls 2017

Nobody these days like to go to store and try different shades and makeups. Moreover we don’t want to experiment in front of anybody. Also gone are the days when people use to collect phone numbers of the service providers to book an appointment with your dermatologist or beauty artist. Today we have mobile phone applications to do the arrangement work for us. Here we are going to provide you the list of Top Beauty & Makeup apps for girls 2017.

1The Glam App

This is one of the finest beauty and Makeup apps. It is founded by Joey Maalouf who is celebrity hair and makeup artist and actress Cara Santana. This application works in collaboration with variety of freelance makeup and beauty artist. Depending upon the type of service you want (updo, a manicure, or a blowout) you need to request service. Currently this service is available in areas like New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, Dallas and Las Vegas etc. It is expanding very fast and right now it is available in 21 major cities. This app is really a good way to get styling perks.  Since it is a network of artist, as expected some artist are better than other.


GlamScout is a one of those makeup apps that can find makeup to match any celebrity or curated look instantly. What you need to whenever you find any look anywhere which you like, you need to take a pic of that look and upload it to GlamScout. The App will will figure out everything regarding that look. It will identify shades on the eyes, skin and face with product matches from almost 100 brands across various platforms and prices. It also has an option of using iPhone camera as a mirror and virtually trying the makeup to make sure that your new look is exactly how you imagined it. Once the Snap is uploaded on the App, it runs multi-category search across more than 100 brands, then delivers you the matched product for the immediate purchase. Really, GlamScout’s ability to recreate the look in the snap is next step in the evolution of the visual search.


YouCam is one of the World’s finest makeup apps that has hundreds of virtual makeup and beauty products to try from top brands. YouCam has smart facial detection that provide you most true-to-life makeup application in real time or on selfie photos. On this application you can mix and match beauty products from distinct brands to look perfect for various occasions. It has full-fledged built in studio for skin analysis, Real time makeovers, Flawless skin and face, Hairstyle changes and eyes makeovers.


Beautified is a makeup app co-founded by stylish SJ Hannah Bronfman. This app provides you same day find and book beauty services which include last minute massages, manicures, padicures and haircuts. You are not allowed to book a service earlier than 48 hours. Right now service is only available in some arear like New York, LA, Miami, San Francisco and Wahington DC


Spruce app has taken Skin care to the new level. This skincare application allows you to arrange dermatologists through your phone. Once you have selected your dermatologist on the app, you can share your skin care issues, explanations and photographs through the application. Whatever skin care problem you have, you can send photographs or insights with respect to your condition. You will be provided with customized skin care treatment within 24 hours.

6L’Oreal Makeup Genius   

L’Oreal has really come up with a game changer app for the beauty lover.  This app has a real-time camera that allows you to virtually try on any beauty or makeup products. The camera plays the role of the mirror and you can try different looks, makeup etc. Download and install this app to try different makeup looks from the red carpet, seen on celebs like Lupita Nyong’o or Jennifer Lopez.





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