Raja Abroadiya movie review, Ratings: Musical overdose with shaky work

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Raja Aboradiya hit screens on 16th of March 2018. It is a story of a socially awkward person whose ego was hurt by drunkard from countryside, when he accuses Raja of never being able to go abroad. He vows to go to abroad and marry a white lady and get a foreign nationality.

Raja Abroadiya movie review

Raja Abroadiya movie review ratings
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Raja Abroadiya is an aimless son of rich landowner and always littering in the village with the timewasters. His father is angry with him as he always sees his son in a condition of good for nothing, but his mom loves him. In a strange incident in a village, he came across a village drunkard who accuses him of not being capable of going abroad. Raja takes that on his ego and vows to go abroad and become abroadiya.  As an outcome of this incident, Raja approaches visa consultant, the gorgeous Preety played by Vaishnavi Patwardhan. In the the process to go abroad, Raja fake marries Preeti to go abroad (Germany).  Then Raja hook up with the foreign woman but in the process, he realizes that, he has feelings for Preeti.

Raja Abroadiya’s character has some resemblance with the Govinda’s character of Raja Babu which includes set up, costumes and looks.  Yograj Singh seems to be nailing the role of Angry and son annoyed but loving father Succha Singh.  No doubt, movie is cliché and overdose of the songs is not helping it at all.  Check Robin Sohi complete Biography here

Raja Abroadiya movie Review: What’s good in the movie

The movie maintains a good pace and has good mix of two genres, Romance and Drama. Although there is nothing refreshing in terms of Story (two Indians falling in abroad) but still its is little different in terms of flavor. Raja’s naïve character will yield some laugh out loud moments.  The movie also deals with the serious topic like alcoholism.

What are negatives

Too many songs in the movie are not helping its momentum as well as audience engagement. The endless supply of running gags and exaggerated characters tend to be a tad bit repetitive. Editing and camera work is shaky.

If you want to go on a joyride without going into technicalities, then you should watch this movie. It is a rom-com movie that has its moments and also its loopholes.  All in all it is both skippable and watchable.

Release Date: 2018-03-16
Language: Hindi
Director: Lakhwinder Shabla
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Cast & Crew: Robin Sohi, Vaishnavi Patwardhan, Harry Verma, Yograj Singh
Crunk News Ratings: 2 Stars out of 5
Audience Ratings: 2 stars out of 5
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Raja Abroadiya
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