ODD-EVEN scheme Review: It is not likely to reduce pollution significantly


The Delhi government had announced the relaunch of the Odd-Even Scheme from Monday but now they have cancelled the plans to implement the scheme. The decision was announced after an emergency cabinet meeting within hours of the National Green Tribunal’s conditional acceptance of the Odd-Even scheme. As NGT put forward the condition of exemptions for women and two wheeler, cabinet meeting decided to not to relaunch it.

Today here we are going to review the Odd-even scheme in Delhi. Let’s see what it has done and what it can do. In odd even scheme the vehicles can run based on the last number of their license plate. Odd number vehicles can run on odd dates where as even number vehicles can run on even dates.

Odd even scheme in Delhi review

ODD-EVEN Scheme Successful or Unsuccessful:

When Odd even scheme completed its two rounds in Delhi, first round was conducted in January and second in April. various conclusions and results were posted by many organizations and NGO’s, but we would like to base our results based on the report uploaded by the central pollution board.

CBP Report Says, ” With no clear trend and wide fluctuations observed in the concentrations, it is evident that the meteorology and emissions from other polluting sources have been major factors impacting air quality of Delhi during the period”

CBP also says some reduction in pollution is likely to happen because of the odd-even scheme but actions based on the single factor cause are not likely to give substantial reduction in the pollution levels.  CBP states to reduce pollutions levels in Delhi, integrated approach with comprehensive set of actions is required to be adapted.

Basically, even if we Odd-even scheme is successful, it will not cause magical reduction in the pollution levels because, vehicle contribute only 10% in air pollution in Delhi.

How Delhi people reacted to odd-even scheme in Delhi:

In the first phase of the odd-even rule in Delhi Govt. got mixed response from the Delhiites as Govt. collected Rs.2.01 crore as penalty from the violators.  In the second phase the total money collected by the Govt. in the form of the challan for the violators was 1.91 crore which shows people of Delhi accepted this scheme more in second phase. The odd-even rule, violation of which attracted a penalty of Rs 2,000 under provisions of Motor Vehicles Act, was applicable between 8 AM and 8 PM except on Sundays during the period.

Final Verdict:

CrunkNews final verdict is that Odd even scheme has done its bit to reduce air pollution, but it should be part of a big integrated scheme to make it even more effective. Surely odd even scheme has spread awareness about pollution among Delhiites. It has motivated them to take bicycle rides, pool rides. In addition to that it also reduced traffic jams.





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