Middle Class Abbayi Movie Review MCA Ratings, Audience Reaction


Middle Class Abbayi Movie Review MCA Ratings, Audience Reaction: MCA (Middle Class Abbayi) is Venu Sriram’s another directorial venture that hit the floors 21st of December 2017. Nani is playing the lead role of the Middle class Abbayi. Sai Pallavi, Bhumika Chawla, and Vijay Varma are also playing crucial roles in the movie

Middle Class Abbayi Movie Review- Story and Plot

Middle Class Abbayi Movie  Review RatingsNani and Rajeev are brothers leading happy bachelors’ life and then Bhumika who who enters the movie as Rajeev’s wife made Nani uncomfortable as he felt being cornered. The importance given to Bhumika at home is causing conflict between Nani and Bhumika. Bhumika gets transferred to Wrangal and Rajeev gets transferred to Delhi and Rajeev requests Nani to accompany Bhumika in Wrangal and Nani agrees. At Wrangal, Nani falls head and heels for the Pallavi who is a student at Warangal. Shiva (Vijay) who is transport Mafi and runs illegal bus transport confronts bhumika, a RTO officer.

The movie runs in three parallel lines first Nani’s household struggles, Nani’s love at first site and Bhumika and Nani confronting Transport mafia.

The movie starts with entertaining acts of jobless MCA and his household chores are also engaging. Lot of humor moments are extracted by director from household activities of Nani and Vadina. This continues for an hour and movies sounds very good till this part. Then comes the part of Vadina and Nani confronting Transport Mafia, that part is weak because villain is hardly able to generate any fear factor for both audience and movie characters. There are few mystery twists like Bhumika giving sacrifice for Nani’s career that are being liked by audience. In the second half movie becomes same two and half hours of filler cinema, they did everything expect the new. Antagonist-protagonist scenes does not connect to the audience as much as Nani and Vadina scenes.

MCA Movie Audience Reactions / Public Talk

Ragu Metta”MCA” is good enough for a one-time watch, especially if you”re a Nani fan or a sucker for family dramas.

shanmuga priyan- First half really Good routine story, routine second half. Nothing special in screenplay but overall entertaining

Positives about the Movie

  • Good comedy in the first half.
  • Audience connect to the household chores of Bhumika-Nani
  • Nani and Bhumika both put up excellent performance.

Negatives about the movie

  • 2nd half doesn’t connect to the audience
  • Vijay tries his best but still that thing is missing
  • Two much of filler cinema in 2nd

Final Verdict:

The movie story is average but good performance is put up by main stream characters. Cinematography is good enough, but songs fail to make an impression. First half is entertaining, and second half is tolerable. Certainly not a must watch movie but its average movie that have its moments within.

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